Undead The Last Refuge – Review

Undead The Last Refuge is a first-person zombie shooter (FPZS?) for the iPhone which pits you against unrelenting waves of the Undead in an abandoned building armed with only a pistol for company.

The game is from BulkyPix who are alse responsible for Nun vs Zombie hack and slash Twin Blades, as well as an abundance of other games in a lot of genres for the iPhone.

Undead The Last Refuge plays almost identically to Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies. Players start in a run down room with only a pistol as zombies approach from various sides through the window. The windows have shutters which players can run up to and close to help slow down the zombie entry, which comes at the trade off of not being able to cover the other entrances.

As zombies are killed the score increases as does the amount of money the player has. Once enough has been saved up the next room and next weapon are unlockable for a cost which present the zombies with more ways to try and attack the player. It’s the same scenario in the next room apart from more money is needed to unlock the subsequent room.

Undead The Last Refuge

Players can move using their left thumb on a control and aim by dragging their right finger around the screen to narrow the sights. The shoot button however is inconveniently place above the move area meaning that it’s almost impossible to move and shoot at the same time which, as I’m sure Resident Evil 5 finally proved, is not a great idea.

Visually Undead The Last Refuge is a nice looking game. Shooting zombies in the face and seeing the blasted off mess left behind is about as realistic as you could expect on the iPhone. The rooms are obviously part of a whole house, with each is shaded in it’s own colour and atmosphere and the zombies are pleasantly detailed though lacking in variety.

Unfortunately though, the game itself is somewhat flawed. The aiming, while feeling more natural than CoDWaWZ, was a much more variable affair; often zombies that I clearly missed would give me headshots and those that I nailed in the head wouldn’t even register being shot, combined with hitting the window edges far too often and unfavourably it was a hugely frustrating affair.

The way out is a wall in Undead The Last Refuge

I also initially couldn’t find my way out of the first room as the door wouldn’t appear with the unlock sign and only after emailing the developer and being assured I only needed $30k to leave the first room (I was often over $100k) I wandered to the far side of the damaged wall which eventually allowed me to leave. I may have been being stupid but I walked as far as the middle of the wall without getting a message and the instructions show a picture of the door when telling you how to progress.

Undead The Last Refuge also doesn’t have the same multiplayer features that CoDWaWZ has and while the game is fun for couple of hours the too often random nature prevents me from rushing back to it in order to try and beat my high score.

That said, it is a lot cheaper than Activision’s offering at only $2.99/£1.79 and if you’re looking to make your last stand it’s available in the iTunes store now.

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