Zombie iPhone Apps – The Best, Worst And Weirdest

Zombie iPhone Apps – The Best, Worst And Weirdest

With Zombie Bikini Babes already getting the ZC review treatment you’ve probably already decided whether or not you want to buy it, but there are a ton of other zombie games and zombie related apps out there and as I’m one of those people who is always late to the party (I’ve got to make sure my escape rout is planned) and have just bought an iPhone I’ve been looking for the most practical and fun zombie apps to buy.

Unfortunately Apple make it unnecessarily difficult to link to the app, so you’ll just have to search for it.

Zombieville USA (Mika Mobile)
Zombieville USAThis side scrolling shooter has great cartoon graphics, a bunch of weapons and a ton of zombies to kill. While a little difficult at first, you soon learn how to kill zombies on the go and use houses as safe points while trying to get to the end of the level.
Price – £1.19/$1.99

Resident Evil Degeneration (CAPCOM)
Resident Evil DegenerationSurprisingly cheap price for a Resident Evil game, I’m sure it cost more on my old phone! Great Resident Evil gameplay following the events of the animated Resident Evil film.
Price – £2.99/$5.99

Resident Evil 4 (CAPCOM)
Resident Evil 4Yup, the same but different. Resident Evil 4 was brilliant despite the lack of actual zombies and it translates much better than I thought it would onto the iPhone. If you like Degeneration you should get this too.
Price – £3.99/$7.99

Undead Attack! Pinball (Lucas Mendes Menge)
Undead Attack! PinballFun and great looking pinball game where you have to stop the advancing zombies on 3 different pinball tables. Lots of fun, if you like pinball games.
Price – £1.79/$2.99

Random Apps
Walking Dead (comixology)
The Walking DeadThis is brilliant and the sooner they put the rest on the iPhone the sooner they’ll get my money. Issue one of The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirman and Tony Moore has been put on the iPhone by ComiXology. The interface is brilliant, with panels being broken down on each page and a motion dynamic that really gives a sense of action, it’s awesome. It helps that the story and art is cracking too.
Price – Free

Zombie Survival Sheet (Imba Entertainment)
Zombie Survival SheetNothing you couldn’t really do yourself here, but it let’s you take pics of what you’ll wear and your gear for the zombocalypse. It will help you check off most of the preparation steps.
Price – Free

wikiHow (wikiHow, Inc)
wikiHowContains an excellent set of survival guides offline for dealing with all manner of emergencies, from first aid to water purification. You’ll need this when 3G goes down. Essential.
Price- Free

Wikipanion (Robert Chin)
WikipanionOf course if the net is up wikiHow doesn’t have a guide for everything, but I know somewhere that does! Wikipanion makes Wikipedia slightly more iPhone friendly. True you could just access Wikipedia through the browser but when there’s a debate over the best way to dispatch zombies, somebody on Wiki will be there to help you solve disputes. The Plus version allows you to store pages for offline use and keeps your history.
Price – Free or £2.99/$5.99 for the Plus version

Promega (Promega Corporation)
PromegaI have absolutely no idea what this is, I downloaded it purely because the icon was quality and it was free. It’s filled with BioMath calculations and pages upon pages of cell death and Apoptosis info. To be honest, if the zombies come I’m pretty sure it’s going to be these guys that have caused it, so know thine enemy!
Price – Free

Torch (Savy Soda)
TorchBasically just makes your iPhone screen glow white. Useful for finding your way out in the dark, not so useful for your battery life. Use sparingly.
Price – Free

Free Translator (Codesign)
Free TranslatorNot everybody you encounter will speak English and this app is a great way of bridging language gaps. I used it to great effect on a Swedish girl at a bar last night ;)
Price – Free

Convert Units for Free (Free the Apps!)
Convert Units for FreeSimilarly people will give you all kinds of numbers for things, like stones, pounds or kilos for weight and if you’re honest, you’re not really sure how to convert them. This app will allow you all to know what the other means with ease.

Worst Apps
Zombieland (Sony Pictures)
ZombielandThe free Zombieland app (not to be confused with the decent paid for one) is just entirely random and rubbish. You tilt the iPhone to find a bite then push a button to inject the antidote. You then go back to the menu and pick one of the other 3 body parts to do the same on. Not really a game and would have been better just releasing it with the trailer and infosheet.
Price – Free

Zombie Saw (L*U*K*E)
Zombie SawYou tilt the screen to activate a circular saw that gets to the edge of the screen and sprays blood. Nothing to do with zombies and just makes a really irritating noise. Avoid.
Price – Free

There are dozens of other apps I’ve downloaded, though not all are zombie related, but why not post your favourite apps (survival or otherwise) in the comments.

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Comments (22)


  1. Some other ones that are cool

    Real Racing GTi
    Paper Toss
    Tap Tap Revenge 2
    Eliminate Pro

    All pretty good apps. What other ones should I get?

    • Ezoghoul says:


      another zombie game that im playing right now it is “Beat the Zombies”, very nice.

    • voodoo2evil says:

      a couple of good ones i found for android users;
      1: vikings versus zombies- a horde of zombies is invading your village to steal your ale supply! you gain gold with every dead zombie to purchase more vikings to fortify your ranks
      2: wak-a-zombie- a twisted zombie lovers take on the classic “whak-a-mole” game

      not really sure if the iphone has these, but thought they could make a good addition to your list!

  2. Gwen says:

    Here are a few more Zombie apps:

    Call of Duty: Zombies (have not tried this yet, downloaded the lite though)
    Ghosts and Zombies (its okay… Have only seen the ghosts so far though :/ )
    Zombie Pizza (Simple, but addictive– at least to me :p)
    Zombie Farm (Similar to Farmville but you have the option to grow an army of zombies. It fails imo)
    Zombie Attack (Tower Defense, but I don’t like the controls for it)
    Fallen (Love it, dark & awesome)
    Draw Slasher (ok…)
    Trapped: Undead Infection (good, but like Resident Evil Degeneration & Fallen better)
    Plants Vs Zombies (Did not get it yet for iphone, just came out)
    Battle Bears (love this game… zombie bears at the end)

    Also- Resident Evil Degeneration (full version) I completely love, but on Resident Evil 4 (only have the lite) I cannot even get passed the first level on the farm. Is this just me…?

  3. ZC Barry says:

    CoD: Zombies – Unplayable for me, plus when even the DLC is more than most other games it’s just not worth it.

    Got PvZ, will review soon.

    Just finished Zombieland, will also review soon.

    Degeneration is the better RE game I think, at least on iPhone.

  4. Amadora says:

    I played Plants vs Zombies on an iPad. It was a bit difficult to understand at first. I didn’t get far enough to see how to win.

  5. Jon says:

    COD Zombies is great on the iphone, not as good as on the ps3 or xbox etc but once u get used to the controls its a fine stand in for the console zombies

    If your a Zombie fan and dont have these games then ur not a real zombie fan

    Hail George A. Romero

  6. WiesenWiesel says:

    What about Make A Zombie? http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/make-a-zombie/id412694725

    I Think this is cleary predestined to be on the list :D

  7. JC says:

    Zombie Toss Basketball … it’s very squishy, flaming, and bone cracking :-D

    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-toss-basketball/id436247664

    Game Play Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFTUBOPXRSY

  8. Willie Davy says:

    Tremendously illuminating
    thanks, It is my opinion your current subscribers might just want far more well written articles along these lines continue the excellent content.

  9. starfall says:

    wow.. the apps is multi language this is awesome…

  10. Brian says:

    Zombiegram was just published on itunes http://bit.ly/rtbVUP

  11. Ryan says:

    Don’t forget this new app that uses iOS5 face tracking to find faces and turn them into zombies!


  12. Phil says:

    Great post. Check out Zombie Squad as well, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombie-squad-gunship-infantry/id449620144?mt=8

    It’s the only Zombie Game, or any game for that matter, where you pilot vehicles in a shooter mode, then land, dismount and control a squad of zombie killers in a squad-based mode.

  13. […] of the Zombie. The undead have become somewhat of a cult trend, with their appearance in games, apps, clothing and […]

  14. bob hill says:

    zombie resistance (really good)
    angry zombies ( ok )
    zombie crisis 3: killzone (good if board)
    zombie trailer park (very good)
    gundead defense (good defense game)
    zombie highway (great game) try lite first
    infect them all (u might like it)
    hope u like them if u know any better ones i would like to
    know them

  15. bob hill says:

    try searching zombie apocalypse game on computer it’s a really really fun game

  16. ZomBrah says:

    Plants VS Zombie for sure
    Zombieville looks good
    Zombies, Robots, and Aliens! is challenging. Stuck on level13.

  17. Rob says:

    Rise of the Zombies, look for that app it beats all of these!

  18. Great tips I will be able to attempt it positively thanks for sharing this

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