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6 Dec

As a result of the polls conducted, scientists have come to the conclusion that young people tend to get higher education mainly because of their status in society, widening their horizons, gay student years, material benefits, but the minority was awarded the diploma as such. Girls set the priorities a little differently. In the first place, the representatives of the fair sex became material motives, followed by the status, then the cultural horizon and the opportunity to get a diploma as such and to do business. But, in general, the goals alone are material benefits and status in society.

The study also featured the answers of the parents of the applicants and first-year students, who were also asked about the reasons for choosing a university as a child. Let’s start with the fact that 50% of the university was chosen by parents who were more interested in the issues: the complexity of admission tests, payment for tuition, if the child did not go to the budget department (priority for the absolute majority was given to higher education institutions with lower tuition fees), further employment, the presence of the military department, the level of wages in this field of activity, the lending program and other material and domestic issues.

Parents approached from the position of personal experience, applicants for this choice most often approach indifferently – “parents said that it would be better” because of this, the list of defining criteria is small: demand in the labor market, prestige “almamater”, professional research paper writing service the presence of an interesting specialty, the level teaching at the university. At the same time, the quality of teaching comes first.

It is very interesting that local entrants (for example, Muscovites) are most often guided by the opinion of their parents and go where they think is best. As for the entrants from the periphery, their opinion of the parents is much less affected. Of the choice is more conscious, and the goal is clearly marked.

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