Write For Zombie Command

Do you like long hours, little pay and zero recognition? Then, boy, do we have a job for you!

Zombie Command is looking for writers who can commit to at least one story a week on anything from the latest zombie news, film/book/game reviews old & new, survival tips, equipment reviews or original feature pieces on anything zombie related.

For zombie news writers we can provide the stories which we’d like a story about (several a day depending on how much time you have to dedicate) and for original feature pieces we will happily look at one off stories.

Authors have to be able to write, in English (for now), to a standard that is both fluent and interesting for readers. Coaching and editorial advice will be available for those who want to improve their writing for web and use their articles on Zombie Command as a platform for further journalism jobs.

In return, authors will earn a percentage of revenue generated from their pages and reviews (up to the full amount) and have their own dedicated author page to showcase their articles.

If you want further information on how to become a writer for Zombie Command please fill in the form below.

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