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How To Make Cord In The Zombie Apocalypse

Bark twine

At some point, cord is going to be essential for your survival in the zombie-infested world of tomorrow and you’ll be glad you learned how to make your own.

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How To Find And Catch Small Game

Mouse trap box art

Provided the small game around you hasn’t been zombified, there’s a fairly high chance you’ll decide to kill and eat some of it at some point.

Read on to get some tips on what to look for and how to find it.

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Avoiding Insect Bites In The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Insects

If a flea can spread diseases and illnesses such as the bubonic plague, myxomatosis or endemic typhus, couldn’t they pass on a zombie virus or infection?

Read on to learn how to avoid these beasts.

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The Universal Edibility Test

The Universal Edibility Test

During a zombocalypse when food is scarce it may become necessary to try eating plants the fruit that you don’t recognise. Of course not all plants and fruits are edible.

Use the Universal Edibility Test to determine whether or not something is suitable to be added to your post-apocalyptic diet.

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Running From Zombies

5 Jun

running from zombies Running From Zombies

In our first ever guest post, Sarah from Running With Zombies takes us through the starting point for zombie evasion on foot.

Are we all sitting comfortably?

Then I shall begin! Greetings avid readers – my name is Sai and I write the drivel found at

I recently came into Zombie Command’s line of sight with a free giveaway the very important issue of surviving the zombie apocalypse and they asked me to impart some of my wisdom in what we might consider my areas of expertise. Assuming all goes according to plan, this will be the first of two posts from me.

Run or Hide?
As the name of my blog might suggest, I’m a runner. While the purpose of the blog itself is to motivate myself to run and others to sponsor me to run in

road races of ever increasing distances, the name stands a reminder of why everyone should run on a regular basis: preparation for the Walking Dead. Fortunately, running is a pretty transferable skill and can also do you well in a number of situations such as, but not limited to, robot uprising, alien invasion, astronomic impact or severe pandemic…but let’s not get carried away here.

Shuffling Undead or Running Infected?
Some of you might be content in the knowledge that zombies are slow, uncoordinated and cognitively challenged. However, the undead approaching at walking speed can still present a problem if there are any great number of them, you are cornered or if one of a myriad of problems occurs. You might find yourself having to go towards the mass of mindless ghouls just to get away, and you’re going to have to go at some speed to prevent them grabbing at you!
While purists may argue the unlikelihood of a ’28 Days Later’ style infection in which the victims still have good motor control and coordination (aka, the Running Zombie), failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Who can forget Robert Carlyle’s Don running from the house 10 minutes into ’28 Weeks Later’ with dozens of infected sprinting behind him? The best escape plan can fail. Be prepared to up and run when you need to.

What should I do?
Staying in your best physical condition will mean that you’re ready for anything. You don’t know how much warning you might get when something does happen. If you’re already in training then try adding a running session once a week and alternate between long runs for stamina, sprint sessions for speed and hill sessions for…well, hills.
If you’re not training at the moment then I suggest you get started, you don’t want to end up being used by your housemates as a human shield (I’d like to point out that I have at no point ever considered using any of my housemates as a human shield, honest). If you think this might just make

some sort of sense to you then find some trainers and get going. Though, the biggest mistake you can make at the start is going to fast – try slow and steady, and stop for a 60 second walk whenever you need to (if you’ve been ‘saving your strength’ in front of the computer for a few years you might want to try 60 seconds running to 60 seconds walking).
Before you know it you’ll be strong, alert and able to outrun any undead predator. Handily, you’ll have also reduced your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes – because it would just be a shame if you survived the zombie apocalypse to have a heart attack a week later. If you have any questions about starting a strict zombie-avoidance training propecia generic from india routine (or just running in general) then drop me an e-mail on or visit

Thanks to everyone at Zombie Command for giving me the floor today and I hope to be back in the near future with my second post.

Keep running,