Zombie Blood – Energy Drink

Zombie Blood – Energy Drink

I opened my mailbox the other day to find a box containing an two IV bags of Zombie Blood Energy Potion. How cool! At first glance, it’s a fun looking item which promises not to contain any zombie mutagen, so no worries about ‘turning’ upon ingestion. I could hardly wait to try it out, but wait a minute, hold the phone: I am currently great with child (i.e. I got knocked up) and I’m not supposed to have too much caffeine.

As this is an energy drink containing caffeine (and the remote possibility to turn my baby into a zombie that would eat me from the inside out), I let my husband, Justin, be the guinea pig. He’s an avid drinker of energy shots/drinks, so I felt his was a decent opinion to get (especially since those things never seem to do anything for me).

Zombie Blood bagMy husband dutifully twisted off the opening of one of the IV bags and drank the green liquid. Given that he didn’t immediately start retching and turning into the undead, I felt it was safe to continue the review of the zombie blood. His opinion:

It’s sweeter compared to other energy drinks, maybe too sweet. It tastes like a melted Icee Pop, a warm melted Icee Pop, but a little thicker. Doesn’t have the bitter taste like a 5-Hour Energy shot or the like. It’s not disgusting and it’s easy enough to drink, but I think it would taste better cold.

After about 20 minutes, I asked him if he noticed any extra energy and he said he didn’t really notice anything, but then again, he hadn’t been very tired before.

First taste wasn’t a complete win, but it wasn’t a failure either. My husband put the second bag of blood in the refrigerator for the next day. This time around, he did need a boost and the bag was chilled and ready for part two of the taste test. Once again, Justin risked his life for the sake of a website review and tried the zombie blood. The verdict:

It tastes better cold, more or less like a thick sugary liquid treat. I didn’t really notice anything to spectacular other than maybe the same boost as a cup of coffee and it didn’t last long. It is important to note that I have a high tolerance to caffeine and energy drinks. I like the packaging, though, but if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would ever buy it.

So there you have it. Zombie Blood Energy Potion tastes okay and the caffeine gives you a little bit of a boost, though nothing a steaming cup of joe couldn’t do. However, this could be a great gag gift for the zombie aficionado in your life and would definitely garner you a “how cool is that” comment.

You can buy Zombie Blood Energy Drink from Harcos Labs or find out more on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I got the chance to review these on my site. I am a huge caffeine fan (as you can see by my site) and I love the fact that Harcos keep adding fun to the caffeine market. Another great product IMO.

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