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Chemical D-12 – Review

Chemical D-12 is a zombie short from Water Cooler Productions, a small production company founded by Mac Eldridge and Robert Sandoval in 2006. They have worked on a variety of projects, including another zombie film “In The State Of”.

Michael Frank has been alone in a post apocalyptic world for quite some time. He has adjusted himself to the world he lives in and searches it for the infected which hold the answers he is trying to find. As he searches, Michael one day comes across a newly mutated specimen that he needs to capture in hopes of finding what he has been looking for all along. Chemical 12-D is about this encounter and what happens in this world full of hopelessness when Michael finds a ray of possible light.

Chemical 12-D is the very definition of short, clocking in at a just six and a half minutes of film time. As you can imagine there’s little time for a set-up and the viewer is dropped immediately into a zombie infested world as seen by zombocalypse survivor Michael Frank, who is driving around after hearing of a newly mutated ‘zombie’ that he hopes to capture and experiment on.

After locating and capturing the zombie in question, Frank takes him back to test with the titular chemical 12-D. Of course even in a world filled with zombies there remains the question of morality and humanity and the shocking ending, delivered as quickly and effectively as it opened, leaves the viewer with nothing but unanswered questions.

Shot on a $1,000 budget the film itself is sharp and focused, the minimal script hints at bigger events and stories behind the characters that are never told. The effects a lot better than many bigger budget movies and the decision to keep the action on a truly personal angle means that it wasn’t the sort of film that would be any better on a bigger budget.

Eldridge has created a believable zombie world (albeit it with a hint of I Am Legend) that draws those who watch it in and successfully, as the adage recommends, leaves them wanting more.

You can buy the DVD for only $8 ($9 international) including shipping. It is available THIS WEEK ONLY and is also loaded with

– The Making of Chemical 12-D
– The Making of Water Cooler Productions

4 Commentaries with Mac Eldridge, David Wagenaar, Rob Davis, and Matt Nikilla.

The Deleted scene of Chemical 12-D

The Past Work of Water Cooler Productions
-Timmothy O’Toole’s Commercial
-In A State Of (Water Cooler Productions first zombie movie!)

A plot synopsis of the upcoming Water Cooler Productions film, The Old Man and His Dog.

We recommend you pick up your copy now, but if you’re still undecided and want to know more, click below for spoilers

  • Bruce Willis is a ghost!
  • The boat sinks at the end!
  • Edward is a vampire!
  • Mrs. Doubtfire is a man!
  • Soylent Green is people!
  • Snape kills Dumbledore!
  • Dr. Evil is Austin Powers brother!



Deadwalkers Review – Frightfest Short

3 Sep
Deadwalkers Review – Frightfest Short

Frightfest 2009 provided several opportunities to watch new (and some not so new) zombie films across the weekend. Apart from the feature length presentations there was also 2 shorts squeezed into the 5 days of cinema going. Deadwalkers was the first short film on the Thursday and provided ZC Barry the first glimpse of zombies on a 56′ screen.

At only 13 minutes long, Deadwalkers a zombie western from a Canadian director that would have to do a lot to impress after two rock solid opening films.

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