Monster King Productions 3D Zombie Tee

21 Jul
Monster King Productions 3D Zombie Tee

It’s not too often we feature zombie merch here on Zombie Command but with 3D being the in thing at the moment this 3D zombie t-shirt is something that’s a bit cool.

This tee pays homage to both the old school EC horror comics and original stereoscopic red and blue 3-D. While the image already messes with peoples vision, it is brought to life when you slap on the pair of the 3-D glasses that come with this insanely rad shirt! (YES! THE 3-D REALLY WORKS!)

It comes courtesy of Monster King Productions‘ Stephen Vincent who also produces exclusive canvas paintings of homages to famous zombie films and scenes.

This 3D Zombie Tee is available to buy for $20. Click the image to enbiggen.

3D zombie tee

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  1. Thanks to @zombiecommand for showing our 3-D zombie t-shirt some love over on their site!

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