Pro Zombie Soccer – Review

pro zombie soccer review Pro Zombie Soccer – Review

Pro Zombie Soccer is the first game from Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team (SAHDMT) and published by Chillingo games.

The game tells the story of Jax, a soccer football player who is bitten by zombies when the uprising begins but then finds out that, before he turns, he has the power to destroy zombies by kicking a football at them. Aided by special ball power-ups, he races across town to try and save his friends and find the cause of the zombies, but will he make it in time or will his hunger for brains be too much.

The gameplay of Pro Zombie Soccer hasn’t changed much since our first hands on a few months ago. Players aim with their left thumb behind Jax, hold to build power and then release to kick the ball in the direction aimed. It’s a simple control scheme where players have to balance rapid fire kicks with more controlled aiming, resulting in some tense gameplay as your never sure what zombies are coming next.

The zombies themselves are hugely varied: normal weak zombies can be killed simply by hitting them, some need you to hit their head, some their bodies, some have bits that fall off, some only have specific areas that do damage, some zig zag, some come direct, some burrow towards you and some require trick shots or the use of environmental special moves. Over all the game moves quickly with new mechanics introduced almost every level to make Pro Zombie Soccer impossible to get bored of. The only problem with it is that there’s not quite enough time to get used to each before you’re on to the next. I could have quite happily played an extra 5 levels of the basic zombies or had more levels interspersed between the new types of enemies.

There are almost 20 levels in Pro Zombie Soccer with 2 difficulty levels and an extra zombie odyssey mode which plays like a survival stage. It won’t take too long to complete, though plenty of levels are challenging. Learning when to use which of your special ball powers can take a few tries.

The story in PZS is equal parts clever, purile and terrible. Distancing myself from the writing, the story crams a fairly epic confrontation into the hour and a half it takes to complete; it’s original, tries to fit in some jokes only gamers will get and only takes itself as seriously as a team named Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team could. The problem is that while kicking zombies in the nuts is fairly funny, the toilet humour and terrible writing are, at times, not.

To be fair the team aren’t native English speakers, some of the humour may have been lost in translation, but I winced every time I read a cut scene. Setting up the evil company as Black Pesa (geddit, like Black Mesa… Halflife… no?) just isn’t clever (something more subtle like White Plateau would have given real gamers a much bigger nod). The writing for the rest of the game isn’t any better, indeed it’s painful to read, it’s like it was run through a bad Google joke translator and just pasted in.

Ultimately you’re not going to buy the game for the writing though and after the first play through you’d almost certainly skip these scenes anyway. The graphics and music are fantastic, the game is fun for short bursts even after completing it and getting through the hardcore difficulty is more than challenging enough for a couple of weeks on the bus. Pro Zombie Soccer is only 59p/99¢ just now and is more than worth it, joining Zombie Smash and Plants Vs. Zombies as my top zombie game apps.

The app is currently available in the Apple store or for more information visit the official site.

pixel Pro Zombie Soccer – Review
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