Dawn Of The Dead T-Shirt From Dark Bunny Tees

10 Dec
Dawn Of The Dead T-Shirt From Dark Bunny Tees

Most movie t-shirts are pretty one dimensional; they take a character or a scene from the movie and attempt to recreate that in a 4 colour outline on a t-shirt. Occasionally somebody will attempt to mashup a film character with the latest internet meme or shoehorn them into a comedy situation, but rarely does somebody bring something new to the film using the clothing as a medium

Enter Alex Chenery of Dark Bunny Tees, a UK based t-shirt designer who doesn’t rely on the name of the film to make you excited to wear a movie t-shirt again.

Alex creates very limited edition runs (100 or less) of cult movies which inspire him; taking the characters from the movie out of the confines of the film and into a part of their world that you don’t see. Each t-shirt is given life as a stylized ad, utilizing key scenes and characters, which evoke memories of the film while bringing something new to the table (or at least your chest).

When wearing one of these tees expect friends to to stare at you for a bit before the penny drops and they give you the ‘nice t-shirt’ nod perhaps even with an “ahhhh”.

Despite only having been around for a little over a month DBT (as I like to call them) already have 2 classic zombie films t-shirts ready, although the Shaun of The Dead (with Day of the Dead homage) t-shirt isn’t available to buy yet, but you can fawn over it while they get finalized. Check out the designs below (click to pop up detail).

Dawn of the Dead t-shirtShaun of the Dead t-shirt

The Dawn of the Dead shirt is available to buy now from Dark Bunny Tees and you should still get it in time for Christmas. Why not head over to the site and check out what else is available or follow them on Twitter to find out when the Shaun of the Dead shirt is released.

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  1. Cat Toms says:

    Man, I love that t-shirt, hahaha love the retro stuff, think i’ll get myself one of these!

  2. Dickenson says:

    Very cool t-shirts!

  3. damn shame they don’t seem to have anything larger than a XL

    would love to have several of their designs for my t-shirt collection

  4. This blog, _Dawn Of The Dead T-Shirt From Dark Bunny_ ended up
    being great. I am printing out a backup to demonstrate to my personal
    buddys. I appreciate it-Shelli

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