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Shaun Of The Dead – Comic – Review

Shaun Of The Dead – Comic – Review

By popular request I was asked to review a comic for today’s story but since there aren’t all that many zombie comics plus the fact that I own even less, the only ones I had to hand were The Walking Dead 1 – 53 or Shaun of the Dead (I really should get the 28 Days Later comics soon).

Anyway, despite it being almost 5 years old it’s still in pretty good condition and unsurprisingly tells the story of the film by the same name. If you’ve not seen Shaun of the Dead please stop reading this and immediately go do so, it’s one of the best zombie films ever.

For those of you that are somehow incapable of doing so immediately (I presume the apocalypse has started where you are and you’ve stumbled upon Zombie Command while trying to get aid) the story follows the eponomous Shaun; a 30 year old man stuck in a dead end job, whose life is passing him by. It opens with him and his girlfriend Liz in a pub they always go to, The Winchester, having a heart to heart about where their relationship is going while surrounded by their friends Ed, Diane and David.

Shaun promises Liz that he’ll do better but struggles to come up with anything outside his now mundane life, just as the zombombocalypse begins. Once Shaun realises what’s going on he finally get’s his chance to break free of the monotony and has to rescue his his Mum, his girlfriend and his best friend while realising that, sometimes, being boring isn’t all that bad.

Shaun of the Dead sketchShaun of the Dead panelShaun of the Dead cover #2

The comic for Shaun of the Dead is a beautifully presented 4 part collection from IDW publishing with great comic book art (assuming you like that style) and packs in most of the laughs from the film. There is a lot of love for the source material and if you have seen the film you’ll be reading it exactly as it’s spoken by each of the character. The panels flow to produce a very faithful telling of the original rom-zom-com story, but there-in lies the problem; it doesn’t bring anything new to the tale.

If this was a stand alone comic it would be an absolute must read for all zombie fans and even though as an adaptation it still does everything right, I can’t help but feel that you’d be better off watching the film again.

This could of course simply be because of how amazing the film is but while comics are a great format for many stories Shaun of the Dead already did it brilliantly as a film and after watching it the comic seems to lose out to the more complex medium. The movie showed that many people were like Shaun, already like zombies with their daily routine but, with the limited pages, these parallels are a rushed in the comic and lose much of their impact.

That said if you only had 30 minutes instead of 90 before the zombies got to you then this would be the second best way to spend it and it does feature some great cover art, pin ups and sketches at the back which just make you want to see a Shaun of the Dead 2. So Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost (although how that’ll work I dunno) how about it?