Brains Vs. Coffee – Review

Brains Vs. Coffee – Review

Brains Vs Coffee is a vanity published book from @GhoulFriday, who one dreary February morning found herself asking what any good Ghoul does on a cold morning… brains or coffee.

After Tweeting the question, over the next few months more situations came up where the decision to have a quick cuppa or a spot of grey matter so she decided to write them all down.

Split into categories such as the Health benefits of each and how appropriate each are in Social Situations, there are over 100 arguments as to the pros and cons of each; such as

Brains Vs. Coffee sample page

The book is a lightweight, fun read which can be enjoyed on the tube or bus to work for a week, or read in a day in the park/basement. Beware though as some of them will make you laugh out loud and cause other people to look at you strangely (you could always read them the one you were laughing at though).

As the book is a vanity publishing you’ll have to get in contact with Ghoul Friday directly to make sure they are in stock (and if you ask nicely she’ll even sign it!), but for a meagre $10 CAD (+shipping) you certainly get your money’s worth.

So, which is better, Brains or Coffee? You’ll just have to buy it to find out.

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