Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies

6 Jul

You may remember a while back we showed you a Zombies of the Caribbean mod for Left 4 Dead 2, set on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyworld; well modder Dives has one-upped himself by recreating the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride in Left 4 Dead 2.

This one has a lot more detail and textures and hopefully more zombies than the last.

I just uninstalled Left 4 Dead 2 last night, but it looks like I’ll have to fire it back up to play this.

The mod is available for download here.


Which Hollywood Actors Look Like Resident Evil Characters

6 Jul

actors resident evil characters Which Hollywood Actors Look Like Resident Evil Characters

Whilst mostly dubious choices, there are some good look-a-likes in this selection of Actors Who Look Like Resident Evil Characters in this poster from Kotaku reader ‘Bob’.

Why Leon isn’t Leonardo Di Caprio and Sheva is Karen Dyer since they were both based on them I dunno. Still click to see a bigger version and full list. Bonus – It has Bruce Campbell.

actors resident evil 150x150 Which Hollywood Actors Look Like Resident Evil Characters

The Art Of Zombie Killing – Part 3 – Bored

5 Jul

Fewer and fewer zombies are getting to the junkyard and the guys need to find creative ways to keep themselves entertained. Think “Zombie Kill of the Week”

Make sure and watch part 1 and part 2 as well.


Zombie Walk World Record Set By ZomBcon

5 Jul

world record zombie walk Zombie Walk World Record Set By ZomBcon

As we told you last week, ZomBcon’s made a world record attempt for the largest zombie walk on July 3rd.

The Red, White & Dead zombie walk managed an impressive 4,233 zombies, narrowly beating out The Big Chill’s 4,026, set last year in England to take the world record, supervised by the Guiness Book of World Record officials.

However such a small margin means that it’s still very possible to be beaten (the organisers wanted over 8,000 to make sure they could keep a hold of the record) and I’d be surprised if this title doesn’t change hands again very soon.

Still, congratulations to the organisers and we look forward to seeing what the main ZomBcon event holds in October.


Who Is Patient Zero?

5 Jul

who is patient zero Who Is Patient Zero?

A mysterious website popped up last week asking the question Who Is Patient Zero? We’re not quite sure if this is about zombies but it certainly looks like it could be and never one to let our cyber-sleuthing grow stale we’ve had a bit of a look into it.

Robert Forrester is Patient Zero. According to his Facebook he is married with a 13 year old son and a yappy dog and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Robert Forrester would appear to be a real person. Checking the Whois records on the domain reveal that he owns a number of domains, going as far back as 2005. He claims to live in Arizona which part of the Whois record seems to verify, though he seems to have a second address in Burbank, California.

Several Who Is Patient Zero top level domains were registered on the 30th of June and all the others under the same name have been registered for months or years and don’t appear to be part of a bigger plan.

Looking at the source code also reveals nothing. Made on Godaddy hosting and software it’s not professionally created and contains no analytics or other identifiers.

The Facebook profile is new though, appearing at the same time as the domains were registered and the company he claims to work for doesn’t seem to exist. Tineye doesn’t show any other matches for the Facebook profile pic and the image matches the one above that’s been ‘zombified’ on the main site, suggesting it’s a real photo of him.

Other links on go to Starway Pictures showing an image of their new film The Blackout, which looks like a decent horror, but no zombies. Kreeptown is a trash culture podcast, but again no mention of zombies. Lastly a link to a Cafepress site with a couple of tees. Nothing much there.

So, what could it be?

Well Robert’s first Facebook status update is “can’t sleep. Not feeling too well. Head hurts a bit.” which seems a little strange, most people’s would be something to do with setting up Facebook rather than launching straight into a complaint. It seems a little bit like a set-up. Of course if he really does have a tumour then it’s not out of the realms of possibility.

Secondly, that single image does look a lot like he’s tried to make himself look like a zombie and Patient Zero is a book by Jonathan Mayberry about a bio-weapon that turns people into zombies.

Could Starway Pictures be making a Patient Zero movie or will this be an insight into a man’s struggle with a brain tumour?

Ultimately we’ll just have to wait until August 1st when the website is going live proper to find out. Stay tuned.