Star In Dead Rising 2

29 Jul

mydeadrising Star In Dead Rising 2

Exclusive collectors toy? Pshaw. Unique DLC? No thanks. Limited Edition steel box? Not interested. Be on the cover of the new Dead Rising 2 box? Tell me more! have revealed that gamers who pre-order from them can zombify themselves and star on the cover of upcoming Capcom game Dead Rising 2.

Pre-order Dead Rising 2 from and receive a code to gain access to the exclusive ‘Zombify Yourself’ cover offer. Upload your own picture to (coming soon), morph yourself into a zombie and then add yourself to the official Dead Rising 2 game cover! You will then be sent your customized cover in exactly the same size and quality as the standard game inlay. Codes will be emailed the week of release.

DR2 Star In Dead Rising 2

Not sure what this will do to your trade in value, but in ZC Barry’s case it’s likely to devalue it significantly.


Michael Jackson Removed From Plants Vs Zombies

28 Jul

mj zombie Michael Jackson Removed From Plants Vs Zombies

While it was never ‘officially’ Michael Jackson, everybody knew that the red jump-suited zombie was a homage to the late King of Pop’s Thriller and watching him dance in Plants Vs. Zombies has delighted fans everywhere.

It seems that not everybody agreed though and after objections from Michael Jackson’s Estate PopCap have had to remove him and replace him with a Saturday Night Fever zombie.
dancing zombie Michael Jackson Removed From Plants Vs Zombies

A PopCap spokesman said:

After receiving this objection, PopCap made a business decision to retire the original ‘dancing zombie’ and replace it with a different ‘dancing zombie’ character for future builds of Plants vs. Zombies on all platforms. The phase-out and replacement process is under way.


Ein Deutsch Resident Evil Plakat

28 Jul

resident evil poster Ein Deutsch Resident Evil Plakat

Poor Wentworth Miller, it seems as if he just doesn’t have the same draw as Milla Jovovich in Deutschland and is relegated to a small reflection in a shard of glass on the German Resident Evil poster.

Click to witness poor Wentworth’s tiny head.
resident evil poster large 150x150 Ein Deutsch Resident Evil Plakat


Zombies In Pirates Of The Caribbean 4?

28 Jul

The theme park ride turned cinematic cash cow, Pirates of the Caribbean, have somehow managed to greenlight a fourth film due out May 20th 2011.

This new Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides does have the promise of zombies though, from none other than Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Despite the last outing being particularly boring, Captain Jack vs zombies is a film that we can get behind.


Zoms Plushies

27 Jul
Zoms Plushies

Firebongo!’s handcrafted, plush, undead, snugglers are only the beginning of the ZOM plague. Bring the epidemic to your hometown. But be warned: ZOMs will steal your heart along with a few other choice body parts.

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