Matt And Wes Vs The Zombie Apocalypse – Episode 1

26 Jul

New webseries Matt And Wes Vs The Zombie Apocalypse is one of the best and easily the funniest webseries we’ve seen since starting ZC.

Matt and Wes, hetero-life mates, argue over the finer points of zombies as the apocalypse begins. In our first episode, we’re introduced to our heroes as Wes kills one in self defense and Matt persuades Wes to follow his finer points of zombie specifics.

Watch it above and lol along with us or check out the official site. We’ll bring you more episodes as they’re released.

Zombie Hood Looking For Cast

26 Jul

apint Zombie Hood Looking For Cast

A Pint Film Productions, creator of Ay Up Me Duck Of The Dead are looking for actors to star in their second zombie film Zombie Hood, and are almost set to go.

If you are free for auditions next month, can film between September – January and can be in the Midlands, then check out if you fit any of the criteria below.

Casting for the roles shown below will start during August 2010. If you’re interested in any of the parts shown below, please drop us an email with more information about yourself or register here. Please note that most of these roles will require wearing zombie make-up at some time during filming. This may also involve long early morning make-up sessions for the final scenes.

Ella – Female 18-30 Well educated and intelligent. Has a strong belief that everyone has some good in them. Needs to be athletic and able to run.
Rik – Male 22-30 Office worker. Thinks he’s a ladies man. Not really a fighter, but will stand his corner if pushed. Will be required to drive a car and must have a full driving licence.
Candi – Female 18-25 Receptionist. Pretty fun loving girl with attitude, but easily lead and slightly stupid.
Melanie – Female 8-12 Quiet, intelligent and vulnerable. Must be able to cry.
Bill – Male 60+ Pensioner who offers age and wisdom. Struggles to get around and walks with a stick.
Sam – Male 16-20 Brother of a drug dealer. Rough upbringing. Personality can turn in an instant.
Dermott – Male 25-40 Police officer. Genuine guy who thinks on his feet. Will need to be athletic, able to climb and preferably have some stunt experience.

Claire – Female 25-40 Housewife and married to a police officer.
David – Male 25-40 Police officer, married to Claire.
Luke – Male 22-30 Friend of Rik.
Paul – Male 22-30 Friend of Rik.
Kelly – Female 18-25 Friend of Candi.
Pete – Male 16-20 Teenage friend of Sam.
George – Male 16-20 Teenage friend of Sam.
Karl – Male 20-40 Refugee camp survivor.

Bouncer – Male 20-40 Large build Tries to keep control in the bar when hell comes to town.
Scared girl – Female 18-25 Finds Kelly being attacked in the toilet at the bar.
Toilet zombie – Female 18-25 Zombie who attacks Kelly in the toilet at the bar.
Homeless person – Male 18-40 Big Issue seller who is mistaken for a zombie.

Various ages, genders and sizes. Fast and slow. May be required to wear contact lenses. May be asked to be available for early morning shoots. May need to attend a night shoot in a forest. (dark and scary!!)

You can apply for any role by emailing with details about yourself or apply on Star Now.


Chemical 12D – Zombie Short

25 Jul

You may recall our Chemical 12D review from last year, at which point the DVD was available to buy from Water Cooler Productions, however the guys today have had their first festival screening at Fantasia Fest just before The Human Centipede.

To celebrate the guys have released it online for everybody which you can watch above (though the DVD still has a tonne of extras if you want to buy it), enjoy.


How To Find And Catch Small Game

Mouse trap box art

Provided the small game around you hasn’t been zombified, there’s a fairly high chance you’ll decide to kill and eat some of it at some point.

Read on to get some tips on what to look for and how to find it.

↓ Click here to read the full story ↓

The Walking Dead Animated Comic

24 Jul

If you’re outside the US and want to watch check the instructions below

The Walking Dead devotees in the US are getting a sneak peek at the new animated version of (half of) issue #1, based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel of the same name.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, the premise is straight forward: our hero (Rick Grimes) wakes up in a hospital to find the world gone undead. Using the Romero playbook as a guideline, we’re treated to some very slow, and very decomposed, lumbering zombies.

Two key notes for zombie-philes to notice:

  1. The zombie that falls down the stairs and receives a blow to the head does not immediately “shut off,” as one might expect from such a trauma. Are fresh zombies harder to kill?
  2. The unfortunate lady soul our strapping lead encounters in the field is still animated, though far from mobile (she’s mostly skeleton), suggesting a little envelope pushing as to how far the undead hold on the human body can go before ultimately being extinguished. (Does she even have an intact melon?)

I’m a little concerned about how the pacing and use of silence will hold up in animation should they do more than just the first issue. Character development is key to the original story, and although Kirkman is the executive producer on this series, I’m curious to see how this slow pacing will go down with American audiences for the live action version.

That said, the clip is pretty enough to keep me waiting until October when it finally hits the screen and we’ll let you know when part two is out.

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