Funny Left 4 Dead Moments – Getting Owned

19 Apr

YouTube user Criken2 has been making these funny Left 4 Dead gaming moments for a few months now and while some aren’t all that funny there are a couple of gems that are worth watching the whole series for.

You can watch the first one above or check out his channel on YouTube.


Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 3

16 Apr
Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 3

Don’t forget to watch the film first – Jumba Juice and read part 1 and part 2

The Final Edit

With all my footage shot I began to edit it all into something that could be considered my first short film. The editing process was fairly harmless compared to how many walls I had run into throughout every other part of the production. So working from 12 – 4 every night/morning. I was able to finish this relatively quickly. There were some slight problems I came across, for example some reverse angle shots did not exactly match what they were the reverse of and I had to do a lot to the audio to get rid of most of the persistent plane noise that had annoyed us all during shooting.

The only major problem I came across was due to the lack of time I had to shoot on the second day because of the initial two actress’ dropping out I only had half a scene ready to edit. Unable to go back and do some re-shoots I had to work around this and then came up with the idea of putting a missing reel into the film. Something I stole, or borrowed how ever you want to look at it, from Planet Terror. This worked perfectly and gave the film even more of a fourth wall breaking short than I could have ever hoped for. As well as this it also gave the film an excuse not to make sense. No one actually knows what happens within the missing reel but from the scene that follows the audience knows that Faith has been captured by Ash and that Dylan has to save her.

While making this I enjoyed myself immensely and am very proud of the result, warts and all. I will defiantly be making the other parts of the trilogy at some point, it’s just a case of having the time to get it all done. So look out for those and I hope you enjoyed both ‘Jumba Juice’ and my write up about the making of it. Thanks for reading.


Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 2

15 Apr
Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 2

Don’t forget to watch the film first – Jumba Juice and read part 1


So I turn up for my first day of shooting missing my two lead actress’, thankfully my other leads have not followed suit and left too. They are loyal. The only thing that can be shot is the fight scene as it is the only part of the film where the only people you can see are the two male leads. So I get my fight choreographer, my step-dad, to speak to the two actors and show them what exactly I want the fight to look like. As this happens I speak to my producer about what we can do about new actress’. She reassures me that she has been able to find one girl to fill the role of Ruby and now we just need to find a Faith. I thank her and then go and see if the two guys are ready to film their fight. I watch them rehearse and it is excellent. In a short few hours they have learnt it perfectly and are ready to go. So we head outside to the location and begin. It doesn’t take long before we’ve got everything we can with just the two actors that have actually turned up and we have to finish for the day.

We get back inside and I am handed an actress’ CV by my producer. I take one look at it and tell her that she will work and to let her know we’d love to have her come down and help. With nothing left to do for the day my crew and I pack up and head on home, with the hope of returning tomorrow with a full cast.

jumba juice ladies Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 2

It’s early morning the next day, I’ve turned up to location with my crew early to set up and introduce the two new actress’ to the material and the people they will be working with. Once all my actors have arrived we have a table read and I answer any questions they have. My crew and I set up as the new actress’ rehearse the script and within and hour we are all ready to shoot their first scene. They are each perfect for their roles. By lunch we have filmed three scenes and so we all take a break and get something to eat.

Once lunch is over my ‘zombie’ extras turn up and I give them their 15 seconds of fame. With that done I continue filming everything I can with my actors as this is the final day I have at this location and we are rapidly losing light. By the end of the day we have filmed everything we can, with one scene having to be cut short due to lack of time. I look back at the day as a good second day of production everything went to plan or went better. Apart from one thing, the f&*%^$£ planes. About every two minutes a plane would pass over my location and ruin the sound of a take. Due to this each scene had to be filmed within the space of two minutes before the inevitable plane would interrupt.

My final day of shooting went perfectly. There were no planes. I shot everything I needed to and got the actors out early as I had everything I could hope to shoot. If only every day of production could have gone as well…

ZC: Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of The Making of Jumba Juice. Will our heroes make it out alive?!


Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 1

14 Apr
Jumba Juice: The Making Of A ‘Zombieless’ Zombie Film – Part 1

Don’t forget to watch the film first – Jumba Juice

The idea and the script.

As a passionate fan of the genre of the undead and an amateur film maker I had always wanted to make a zombie film with my own personal spin on it. In late 2008 I began looking at how I could achieve this in a film that would be under 15 minutes. Air born viruses, infected monkeys and scientific experiments have all been ways that the undead have come about but while coming up with the script I wanted to do something different, and something that wouldn’t cost me any money, so looking at films with potions and spells I decided to put that element into my own film but making it even simpler by just making the cause of the infection a drink in a bottle.

With this idea in the bank I began writing the script, originally the start of a trilogy I placed the first part more in the category of horror than anything else. Hoping to film over two to three weeks mostly at night I developed my script into something dark and horrific. The next thing I needed to do was get hold of some talented actors to bring the first part of the trilogy to life. So I got hold of an actress in the family, who would later become my producer, and she set upon looking for the right cast for my ambitious new zombie short.

jumba juice prep Jumba Juice: The Making Of A Zombieless Zombie Film   Part 1

A couple of months into 2009 all my actors and locations were found and I was ready to start production as soon as the summer came about. But I came into some restraints right away. Having to change the setting from night to day was only the start. As I would have no lighting and also have to think about actors, who were willing to work for free, having to come down during the day and stay till the early hours of the morning. So I went back to my script and began to change a few elements. Having to change it from day to night completely changed the mood of the short and I soon found that the horrific first part was not necessarily the best place to start, instead I turned to the second part of the trilogy that was the comedy section of the series.

Hearing that the locations I was hoping to use would not be available for as long as I had hoped I took this into consideration while writing the second part that would be the start of the trilogy. Adding elements of the first script, which focused on the character of Dylan and his first encounter with ‘Jumba Juice’, I gave the Juice to a young girl instead of an old voodoo priestess and wrote it so that it would be revealed that they were related. The second part was still the middle of the story for Dylan but it was also a contained story in itself so that there were elements left in there to give me the ability to make my original first part at another time but also allowed an audience to watch the second part as if it was the first.
Taking this new approach I began to look at the zombie genre in a different light. It became something less to fear and more to ridicule. Even as a massive fan of the genre it does have its flaws and by writing a fourth wall breaking script I could poke fun at it from the audience’s point of view.

With this the script continued to transform into much more of a comedy than an horror and so to add to the comedy even more I took out all the zombie scares and turned them into something to be laughed at. And there appearance in the film would be less the focus and more of a back-up to everything else that was happening. So instead of giving them gruesome make-up I decided that the ‘Jumba Juice’ would not actually make them undead it would just put them under the control of Ash and ‘vicious’ in the most comedic way.

So with my new script finished I sorted out the days I would be filming in each of my locations, cleared it all with my producer and actors and then got my crew together, formed of friends willing to help me out with only the payment of lunch. I was all ready to go until the evening before shooting was set to begin, I got a call from my producer. The two lead actress’s had both just pulled out…

ZC: Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting instalment of The Making of Jumba Juice. Same zombie time, same zombie channel!


Drift – Trailer

13 Apr

The plague has lasted years. Sean stopped counting; the calendar filled with Xs. Memories faded, dreams lost.

Alone, so very alone, in a world occupied by nothing more than death. Finding solace in the isolated, snow covered north, Sean searches for a new beginning away from the stench of rotting corpses and the festering disease of the walking dead.

In the womb of mother nature, Sean discovers the zombies are not the only things rotting.

We don’t know any more about this film than the trailer shows you but you can click the source to follow the director on Vimeo.