Even More Zombieland Clips

24 Sep

Another great coup for the boys over at Bloody Disgusting (damn them) who’ve got a hold of these 6 great clips; a couple you maybe saw yesterday but these are better quality.

Make the jump to see the rest.

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Duty of Living – Synopsis

24 Sep
Duty of Living – Synopsis

With no sign of a full synopsis for new zombie film, Duty of Living, we took it upon ourselves to track down the Director, Brandon Hunt, and beat the story out of him*.

“The Duty of Living” is a short film about a young soldier’s return to his family’s home after the zombie apocalypse. Juan Riedinger (“Jennifer’s Body”, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”) plays Darren Stark, who’s joined up with one of the emergency squads dispatched to clear out areas with roaming zombies. As he makes his way deteriorated home, he must contend with the memories of the last words he had with his family (played by local actors Wendy Wisely, Jim Accomando, & George Retelas). The film will be shot on a Red One camera helmed by Brandon Fraley and is produced by John Meredith and George Retelas. Look for the short film to hit the festival circuit in 2010.

After significant water-boarding* he also revealed that they were aiming for a late October/Halloween release date and plan on making the rounds at the festivals in 2010.

The Red One camera is the most ridiculously awesome HD camera money can buy at the moment and was used in another zombie flick, Pontypool.

All sounds good so far, hopefully there will be enough emotional drama AND zombie hunting to make this worth watching. Though if we had to choose just make sure there’s plenty of zombie heads exploding.

*We use bodily harm and psychological torture as metaphors for sending an email.


Plants Vs Zombie – Online Flash Game Now Available

24 Sep
Plants Vs Zombie – Online Flash Game Now Available

Plants vs Zombies is now available in a Flash demo from PopCap Games, so if you’re still unsure about the casual gaming phenomenon you can get to grips with it without even downloading it (ie at work!)

In Plants vs. Zombies, players use over 40 zombie-zapping plants like peashooters and cherry bombs to slow down, confuse, weaken and ultimately destroy more than two dozen types of zombies before they can reach your front door. Each zombie has its own special skills, and each plant has its own combat and/or defense mechanisms. As players battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge. With four modes of play (Adventure, Mini-Game, Puzzle and Survival) the game is never the same twice – and the frightening fun never ends!

The Flash version of Plants vs. Zombies includes:

  • 3 available game modes (Adventure, Endless Survival, Vasebreaker)
  • 14 levels of Adventure mode
  • A zombie not found in the PC version!
  • 6 zombie types and 12 plants with which to stop them
  • Graphics and gameplay faithful to the PC version
  • Unlike most of our web based games, PvZ streams in the music of the PC version as you play

Curious about the new Plants Vs Zombies Flash exclusive zombie?
The new zombie isn’t all that exciting though, merely a slightly tougher and re-coloured version of the Quarterback. This is probably to make you die quicker in the endless vase breaker and survival modes.
new pvz Plants Vs Zombie   Online Flash Game Now Available

You can play the game over at PopCap now.


New Dead Rising 2 Screenshot

24 Sep

Dead Rising 2 Screenshot New Dead Rising 2 Screenshot

Much like zombie Ironman sky surfing on a giant eagle this is another of those too awesome not to post images from the new Dead Rising 2 game.

Chuck (Frank’s replacement) in motorbike leathers, wearing a helmet with GIANT METAL ANTLERS attached, tearing apart zombies in a bloody shower.


Game looks much sharper than the first too and with the promise of even more zombies to kill in even more inventive ways, Dead Rising 2 looks like it’ll be fantastic.

New Zombieland Clips

23 Sep

Videos below contain some spoilers but worth it if you’re still undecided about how awesome Zombieland is going to be.