Left For Dead – Fan Made Short Film

14 Jun

Left for Dead is a fan made short featuring all new characters set in Valve’s Left 4 Dead world.

Hit the jump to see part 2.

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The Walking Dead – Update

14 Jun

The Walking Dead zombie lady production still

Lots of progress on The Walking Dead TV series including that lovely zombie lady you see above, released as the latest production still from the AMC series.

AMC’s official blog has an interview with writer, director and producer – Frank Darabont.

He answers a few important questions, including stating that the zombies will be Romero zombies; slow and only taken out with a headshot, as well as discussing how he got into zombies and The Walking Dead in the first place.

He also gave an insight into the opening scene where Rick Grimes is injured in the shoot out (the one that puts him in hospital so is in a coma when the zombies come, you have read it right, if not, then, eh, spoilers!). As he’s always wanted to direct a big action scene, it’s going to be expanded upon much more than the 6 panels it has in the comic.

Bloody Disgusting have also confirmed that Frank will only be directing the pilot episode. Though will be on hand for all 6 and may even jump behind the camera for some other cinematography.

Plus, showing that being a zombie isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be, we get an insight into the zombie school training the extras have to go through before being allowed on screen in this video below.

Confirmed cast members according to IMDb so far are:
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
Linds Edwards as Leon Basset
Laurie Holden as Andrea
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Addy Miller (she’s a small blonde girl so you can have a guess :D)
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
Steven Yeun as Glenn
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

Everything’s shaping up for The Walking Dead to be a fantastic series.


New Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer And Poster… And Game?

14 Jun

New Resident Evil Afterlife poster

This new poster shows us what the Matrix Reloaded would have looked like if it was made: there are no sequels! in 3D as Trinity was falling and the new trailer below shows much more of what we can expect when the film is released in September.

Capcom has also stated that they would like to do something with the game series to coincide with the film in a more in depth interview on Andriasang.

The 3D movie Resident Evil IV Afterlife starring Milla Jovovich is scheduled to hit theaters on September 10. Timed with the movie’s release, we’d like to do something to heat up the game series.

With the Resident Evil: Afterlife film tying in closer with the game series, could we Resident Evil: The Movie: The Game and if so will it be as big a travesty as this version?


WIN: 2x In The Event Of A Zombie Attack DVD

14 Jun

In The Event of a Zombie Attack

Just because our birthday is over doesn’t mean we don’t have anything else good to give away!

4D4 films have given us 2 copies of their excellent 50’s era style educational film, In The Event of a Zombie Attack. With jumpy/grainy effects and dialog appearing out of sync in places it’s a pseudo-educational film for the whole family.

You can support 4D4 films by following them on Twitter, liking on Facebook, subscribing on Youtube or buying merch.

Dr. Elizabeth Kerslake and Professor Merike Stone present twelve timely tips that are sure to entertain and educate. They will show you what makes a zombie, preparing for a zombie outbreak and surviving an undead siege. Based on the YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE Calendar by Olympia’s Blind Cartoonist/Artist Jeff Freels, these helpful tips and words of wisdom could just save your life… In The Event Of A ZOMBIE ATTACK!

The quasi-educational genre film features jumpy grainy film effects and retro style short animated sequences reminiscent of 50’s era instructional films. The short also features commercials for Ziggurat Chemical’s own Zombie Chunks Cereal, and a message from PETZ: People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies.

To enter simply give us your best planning tips for zombie survival (pre-apocalypse) in the comments below and we’ll select our favourite two.

Competition end Friday at 18:00 GMT and you can enter as many times as you have ideas. DVDs are Region 2 so you’ll need to be UK/AUS or have a multi-region DVD player.


Dead Nation – Game Trailer

14 Jun

Sony released the first trailer for the upcoming zombie game Dead Nation, and it looks pretty awesome.

The zombie-killing PSN game pits you against hordes of zombies from a top-down isometric perspective and looks to be a twin-stick shooter similar to Super Stardust HD, also by developer Housemarque Games.

For a normally smaller scale PlayStation Network title, it’s being backed by quite a bit of marketing and follow us on Twitter you may remember that Sony put out the call for zombies to star in this trailer (and probably subsequent ones as well).

The trailer plays up to the B-movies of the 50’s and without it Dead Nation potentially would have gone under the radar, what with the likes of Konami’s Zombie Apocalyse already available on the PlayStation Network and people growing slightly tired of the zombie genre in general.

The trailer shows only a few glimpses of gameplay, but the hordes of zombies you’ll be squaring off against should be tense for even the most seasoned arcade pro. Different environments, killer explosions and a wide array of weapons will hopefully deliver solid gameplay for zombie and shooter fans alike.

Hopefully there will be more of the Dead Nation movie style trailers, but we’ll have to wait and see how well this game sells. Chances are, it’s going to eat the competition alive.

Dead Nation is due for release in October and you can find out more on the official game site.