Undead The Last Refuge – Review

Undead The Last Refuge is a first-person zombie shooter for the iPhone which pits you against unrelenting waves of the zombies in an abandoned building with only a pistol for company.

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Details

20 Jul

case zero Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Details

Dead Rising 2 and Zombieland recently got together for Save A Zombie Day and Capcom released some details for the forthcoming demo/prequel, Case Zero.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is set 3 years before the events of the second game Vegas Fortune City has been overrun by zombies and new protagonist Chuck and his daughter have made it out to the suburbs.

Unfortunately Chuck’s daughter has been bitten and she needs doses of Zombrex every 12 hours to stay alive. Bad news is Chuck’s car with the antidote has been stolen so they need to get out and get more Zombrex within 12 hours.

Case Zero will be released about a month before Dead Rising 2 and will serve as a demo as well as a stand alone game (players will have to buy the ending) and character stats and data will carry over into the main game.

We also managed to find a new microsite for the game – Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality

MTV On The Set Of The Walking Dead

20 Jul

A quick look behind the scenes of upcoming zombie TV series The Walking Dead from MTV (as if you didn’t know anything about it already).

We get a word from director Frank Darabont and the comic book writer Robert Kirkman as well as a look at all the cool zombies and sets.

Plants Vs. Zombies Coming To Xbox Live In August

19 Jul

pvznyc Plants Vs. Zombies Coming To Xbox Live In August

Contrary to our assumption that a Plants Vs Zombies on Xbox announcement wouldn’t be happening until August, PopCap earlier revealed that it will eventually be showing up on XBLA in September.

With a ton of new features and content exclusive to the XBLA version, we’ve pulled out all the stops to both expand and optimize this adaptation for a hard core gaming audience,” said Ed Allard, head of worldwide studios at PopCap. “The two new multiplayer modes allow gamers to work cooperatively to defeat hordes of invading zombies, or go head-to-head in a true ‘plants vs. zombies’ challenge. We’re also featuring a customized ‘house’ for tracking and sharing progress as well as a total of 21 mini-games and 12 achievements, all designed to enthrall Plants vs. Zombies players once again.

Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA showcases many standout features, including:

  • A total of seven game modes, including two new multiplayer modes: Co-Op and Vs. Mode
  • 12 achievements and 21 mini-games – more than any other adaptation, and including the exclusive Heavy WeaponTM-inspired mini-game
  • A goofy new way to track and share progress online, where players create their own custom house and cruise down the street to see their friends’ cribs!
  • The highest resolution of any Plants vs. Zombies adaptation to date at 1920 x 1080
  • All 50 levels of the original Adventure mode along with Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden

Plants Vs. Zombies will be available for 1200MSP and, later in the year, PopCap will also release a retail boxed edition of Plants vs. Zombies (including full versions of Zuma and Peggle as well) for the Xbox 360 as well as a new “Game of The Year” boxed edition of the PC/Mac original, a limited number of which will include a zombie figurine, with both retailing for $19.99


Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition Detailed For North American Audiences

16 Jul

dead rising 2 us Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition Detailed For North American Audiences

Although the limited edition of Dead Rising 2 for European (and probably Japanese) audiences was revealed earlier this week, North American fans have had to wait a few days to find out what they would be getting.

The steelbook Zombrex case limited edition will include:

  • a syringe pen
  • a 25-page prescription notepad
  • a safety card
  • a sales brochure
  • an art book
  • with console specific bonuses of

  • PS3: Blu-ray disc with a 24 minute making of Dead Rising 2 featurette and an exclusive theme.
  • Xbox 360: Disc with the Zombrex Dead Rising sun movie and the making of featurette.

To be honest I’d rather have the awesome box than the stupid toy.

The Dead Rising 2 limited Zombrex edition will retail at $79.99.