7 Jun

zombcon ZomBcon

This Halloween sees Seattle’s biggest, newest and best zombie convention – ZomBcon.

ZomBcon (not to be confused with ZomBacon) will be held across various locations, including the Seattle Center and Seattle International Film Festival, over the 29th – 31st of October and is attempting to bring together every element of zombie fandom.

ZomBcon arose from last year’s Red, White, and Dead Zombie Walk which saw over 6,000 people dressed as zombies take to the streets of Seattle. This year they’ll attempt a Guinness world record zombie walk, have work on display from over 60 zombie themed exhibitors, hold a zombie ball as well as host special SIFF screenings of zombie films!

It’s the ultimate zombie convention!

Those of you who are in the biz or have something to sell and are looking to book space early can save 30% of exhibition space by using the code EB30 before June 15th.

For those wishing to book tickets or just find out more, head on over to the ZomBcon site.


The Dead Matter – Trailer

7 Jun

“The Dead Matter” tells a story of vampirism, the living dead, and ancient occult relics all drenched in the dark and shadowy world of Midnight Syndicate’s music. Inspired by EC Comics, Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and Creepshow, this mix of classic horror and unique twists and turns promises to deliver for fans of the genre.

The highly anticipated dark fantasy film, “The Dead Matter”, is scheduled to be released on July 30 and will be available for sale at Hot Topic retail stores in the United States (and likely online, too).

Starring Andrew Divoff, Jason Carter, and Tom Savini, the film is about a grieving young woman who obtains a vamperic relic and is attempting to contact her deceased brother at all costs.

Based on the trailer, the effects actually look well-done and the acting appears to be decent, with realistic looking zombies, so hopefully The Dead Matter will be a decent zombie flick.

Creators, Midnight Syndicate, have chosen to release the film independently through Hot Topic stores and will be giving buyers the DVD, the Soundtrack and a collection of Midnight Syndicate Halloween music collection all for the same price as a normal DVD.

We’ll have a full review when the movie is released.

You can find out more on the official site or over on Facebook.


The Walking Dead – Zombie Decomposition Concept Art

7 Jun

Further proving that the new TV adaptation of The Walking Dead isn’t going to be pulling many punches is this concept art of the various stages of zombie decomposition.

VFX artist John Wheaton has put together the gruesome zombification and has worked on previous horror films Drag Me To Hell, The Unborn, Jennifer’s Body and has some previous zombie experience on Return of the Living Dead… 4.

Oh well, nobody’s perfect.


Nazi Zombies

6 Jun

An interesting philosophical discussion from the guys at College Humor.

The Walking Dead – First Look

3 Jun

the walking dead The Walking Dead   First Look

With production having started on the 2nd of June for the TV adaptation of The Walking Dead, AMC have given us a first look at some of the ‘Walkers’ that Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes will be facing.

Click to pop.
walking dead 1 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 2 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 3 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 4 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 5 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 6 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 7 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Lookwalking dead 8 150x150 The Walking Dead   First Look