The Dead Can’t Dance in Wichita

22 May

deadposter The Dead Cant Dance in Wichita30 – 40 extras were out pretending to be zombies (NB: don’t do that outside Zombie Command HQ) in Wichita a few days ago for the upcoming zombie film – The Dead Can’t Dance.

The film focuses on a group of 3 Native Americans who are immune to the virus that’s turning everyone else into zombies.

Dax Wildhorse knew this wasn’t going to be a good day.But it should have been. This was the day that he was driving his nephew, Eddie — who he has raised — off to college. Along with his brother — Eddie’s estranged father, Ray — the three of them stop at a gas station to replenish more than their gas tank.And that’s when it happens. With a gust of wind, everyone around them suddenly drops dead. But they are somehow immune to what’s killing everyone. Is it because of their Native American blood? Is it because their people were here in the beginning and this is now the end?But they don’t have time to ask questions. Stranded in the country, young Eddie becomes terribly ill. And that’s not the worst of their problems. As they take refuge in a remote school, the men encounter some weird people — really, really weird. Almost zombie-like, even. And that’s not cool.

As these modern-day warriors try to fight off the newly undead, they must put aside their differences to survive. Because, as Dax said: No, this wasn’t a good day at all. But will there be another?

Potential actors were given the task of doing a zombie characterization exercise which is basically acting like a zombie. They we’re looking for the “traditional zombie” variety, i.e., slow and dumb (think “Shaun of the Dead” and “Night of the Living Dead”).

Follow the film’s progress at the official site.


You, Me, and Zombie Launch Delayed til June 30th

22 May

You, Me, and Zombie – a 32 page, hard backed book with 12 pages of stories, papercraft zombie and guest pin-ups – has had it’s launch pushed back 3 weeks to June 30th.

youmezombie small You, Me, and Zombie Launch Delayed til June 30th

You, Me, and Zombie stars Olive and her little Shih Tzu Otis. They wake up one morning to find their whole town over run with Zombies. The two of them want to try to find out what happened and want find a cure to make everyone all better. They set off on the adventure of a life time to find Olive’s father who is a scientist and can maybe help them. But the problem is Olive’s father has vanished and she has no idea where to find him.

Check out the official site to pre-order or find out more or check out a preview of the first 3 pages below.



Zombie Art – Dead Legends

22 May

Artist and zombie afficiando, Nik Scarlett, currently has a set of 4 Dead Legends available to buy over at Etsy.

zombie elvis small Zombie Art   Dead Legends

The full set comprises Bloody Holly, Hellvis, Johnny Crash and Hank Killed’em in 5×7 prints and is available for just $50.

Why not check out Nik’s other auctions and see if you want a piece by this great artist.



Zombie Command Redesign Version 1.4

22 May

zc small Zombie Command Redesign Version 1.4

Sorry I’ve been quiet this evening folks but I’m working hard on bringing you the best layout to disseminate zombie news. Trust me, you’ll thank me that’s it’s so easy to find the news when the dead start to roam the land!

Anyway, click on the pic below to go to our Flickr stream and please feel free to give me some feedback in the comments.



Boston Police Vigilant for Zombie Bites

21 May

Racoon City officers could do a lot worse than look towards Boston Police’s innovative use of Twitter to inform the public of potential zombie related hazards.

Yesterday morning the Boston Police reported

boston police zombie Boston Police Vigilant for Zombie Bites

Hmm, sounds suspicious and is definitely something you should look out for when the zombies do come. Twitter user willcady thought the same thing.

willcady zombies Boston Police Vigilant for Zombie Bites

Luckily it wasn’t the first wave of the Zombocalypse and Boston Police were quick to reply with

boston police zombies1 Boston Police Vigilant for Zombie Bites

Two comforts can be taken from this. 1) You still have time to prepare and 2) Boston City police know what to look for in a zombie bite!

I wonder if London Met have the same level of awareness? :s