A – Z Of Upcoming Zombie Movies

Upcoming zombie movies

Do you fear that the rise of the Twilight vampire ‘horror’ series is spelling the end of the latest wave of zombie movies? Does the thought of the only undead abominations you’ll see on the big screen will sparkle?

Well fear not, the undead will never die! Here at Zombie Command we have compiled an A-Z of zombie movies that are yet to be released, which should (fingers crossed) be hitting our screens in some form or another over the next year.

This is the first multi-part post on ZC so make sure and click through once you get to the bottom of each page.

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Juan of the Dead – Trailers

1 Jul

We missed these teaser trailers for Cuban zombie film, Juan of the Dead when they popped up (primarily as we didn’t know about it until after Cannes), Buy Zombie put them up today and it looks like it could be quite good.

Hit the jump to see the second teaser.

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Full Length ‘The Night Shift’ Finishes Principal Photography

30 Jun

Undead comedy ‘The Night Shift’ based on the 2008 short of the same name (which you can see above) has just wrapped up the principal photography of the full length version.

“The Night Shift” is a supernatural-adventure-comedy about Rue Morgan, the undead night watchman at Pinewood Oaks Cemetery. Rue, along with his buddy Herb, a limbless corpse, spends his nights trying to keep the cemetery’s cantankerous residents in, and his days dreaming of a date with hard-nosed day-shifter, Claire. It’s an okay afterlife until a scourge of supernatural occurrences leaves Rue not only watching the cemetery, but also watching his back!

Dealing with undead, zombies, skeletons and whole host of other supernatural oddities the short version of The Night Shift is supremely enjoyable; hopefully the slightly bigger budget will mean no dodgy costume store rubber masks (the production photos look good) and it can keep up the entertainment for the full 90 minutes.

The film will now enter post-production for completion and is currently seeking distribution. For more information you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or head over to the official site.


Zombrex Dead Rising Sun – Trailer

29 Jun

We first made you aware of the Dead Rising movie back in January (trailer’s since been removed) but with the delay of Dead Rising 2 any news is good news and this official English language version of the trailer comes along with a little more info.

Zombrex will be released as a series of 8 webisodes (probably best to get them on Xbox Live!) and will follow the story of two brothers attempting to escape the zombie uprising in Japan.

Directed by Dead Rising and Megaman creator, Keiji Inafun, this film promises to pay homage to the 60’s and 70’s zombie era films, though how good it will be remains to be seen.

I’m not sure if this will turn out to be a smart marketing move by Capcom, but so far Zombrex Dead Rising Sun looks more likely to turn me off the game than on to it.

If your Japanese is good you can go to the official site or hang around on the work in progress Zombrex site where I presume the webisodes will be made available.


Dead Rising 2 Delayed

28 Jun

Dead Rising delayed

It looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to strap chainsaws to an oar and kill zombies as Dead Rising 2 has been pushed back in America and Europe.

North America can now expect it on September 28th and Europe faces and agonising 3 day wait until October 1st.

That does give you more time to finish up Case Zero though, but Capcom may run afoul of another big Xbox game coming out ahead of it.