Damnation Multiplayer Reveals Zombies!

26 May

Newly released shooter, Damnation from Codemasters, has zombies in it or else we wouldn’t be reporting on it.

The game isn’t being particularly well received with a current Meta-Critic score of 41/100 and a user score of 2.0/10.

I don’t know how you mess up any game with zombies in it but why not watch the video below and make up your own mind if it’s worth at least a rental.


The Undertakers: Roads End Wraps Filming

26 May

the undertakers The Undertakers: Roads End Wraps FilmingThe Undertakers, sadly not a film adaptaion of the comic originally based on the wrestler of the same name, has recently finished filming and is entering final post-production according to the official Twitter.

The site itself doesn’t reveal much of anything except the poster and the lines

There are certain places on earth where the dead will not stay buried.One organization is charged with protecting the world from this phenomena.Two small town misfits were just accidentally recruited.

The poster and the Twitter bio revealing it’s a zombie film with a comic book feel and the most recent Tweet would indicate that it was at least partially animated with the director “waiting on animations”.

the undertakers tweet The Undertakers: Roads End Wraps Filming

We’ve not heard anything about this film until now so we’ve reached out to the director for a comment. Stay tuned to find out more!


Prototype Game 1-ups Left 4 Dead, 2-ups Dead Rising

26 May

 Prototype Game 1 ups Left 4 Dead, 2 ups Dead Rising

Alright now, this is getting ridiculous. Left 4 Dead’s Zombie Genocidest achievement one-upped Dead Rising’s Zombie Genocider achievement requiring players to kill 53,595 zombies compared to 53,594 in the latter.

Prototype seems to have latched onto this idea and requires players to kill 53,596 infected (see what they did there?)  to get the Trail of Corpses achievement. At least they didn’t call it Zombie Genociderest or something.

This does make me wonder how many infected will be in the game though as another achievement sees players killing 50 characters in 5 seconds! At least it wasn’t Serious 2.0


Become a Zombie!

25 May

ZC Barry would like to apologize for any lost sleep due to the following image.

zombie barry zed Become a Zombie!

I think you’ll admit the above picture is pretty damned terrifying, not necessarily because of the zombification but more so the source material. I have no idea what I was originally doing in the picture but regardless you would not want to see that staring back at you during the zombie apocalypse.

So why am I showing you this? Our friend over at Turning Zed recently offered on Twitter the opportunity to become zombified for free and, despite only having the above photo to send across, we took him up on the offer.

Fred runs the site at Turning Zed and is a one man army making these images on his computer.

The Turning Zed site was put together as a fun way for me to spend my time doing something I enjoy. Zombies are just a good time. Whether they’re fast movers or slow, they tend to pop up when you least expect them.

If you’re interested in having Fred turn you or your friends into a zombie why not drop him a line on orders@turningzed.com or follow ZedFred on Twitter.

If you’re brave enough why not check out the full size image below on our Flickr stream.



The Forest of Hands and Teeth

25 May

forest of hands and teeth book cover The Forest of Hands and TeethThe Forest of Hands and Teeth is the first in a series of three books which aim to put a new spin on the zombie genre.

Told from the point of view off a girl called Mary who has grown up in a village surrounded by the ‘unconsecrated’ (ie zombies) the story details her relationships, the harsh realities of being able to see your loved ones once they have been turned and what happens when the fences keeping the village safe are breached.

The first book was released in March with the next instalment being due out at the start of 2010. The film rights to the first book though have just been bought by a newly established production company called Seven Star Pictures who are rumoured to be developing the script for an A list starlet.

forest of hands and teeth movie poster The Forest of Hands and TeethBeing touted as doing for zombies what Twilight did for the vampire the movie is setting itself up to be huge. By the looks of the book it will certainly appeal to angsty pre- teens but we’ll just have to wait and see how the script pans out. Currently there aren’t any dates on when filming might begin but we’ll keep you updated as and when we know any more…
For more info on the book click onto the authors website.