Gentleman’s Guide to Zombies

25 May

An oldie but a goodie, ‘The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Zombies’.

How many film/game references can you spot?

Section 1 :Identifying a Zombie – Resident Evil (you should really be able to spot this one!)
Section 2: Self Defence (do not engage in fisticuffs!) – Shaun of the Dead
Section 3: Style – Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead
Section 4: Nutrition and Long Term Survival – 28 Days Later

What have I missed?

Thanks to Unlimited Horror for reminding me of this.


Zombie Command Twitter Round-up

25 May

If you’re not following us on Twitter (and if not, why not?!) then you’re missing out on a whole bunch of great zombie links around the web. Here we re-cap the week in zombie news.

  • I’ll let you guys decide what to make of this – – Penguins vs Zombies!
  • Genuine zombie training in Reading this Sunday, who’s in? – – this would be awesome!
  • This guy has come up with a zombie Big Brother RPG – – That’s role playing game not rocket propelled grenade.
  • A history of the zombie movie from LA Weekly – – It does go on a bit of a tangent at the end.
  • Zombies eating cows – – Did I mention it was tattooed onto some guys leg?
  • 2012 end of Mayan Calendar brings zombie apocalypse? – – I’m pretty sure Kelly (2nd answer) will be the first to go
  • Wow, didn’t expect to find anything this sad when researching zombie stories – – Still, got to look for the signs :'(
  • Zombie Command demand to know where our invite to Prototype’s launch party was? – – Naked zombie dancing girls, we’re in!
  • Help this guy choose music for his zombie movie on Yahoo answers – – No idea what movie it’s for though :(
  • over analyze L4D? – – Don’t recall as many guns in Waiting for Godot.
  • Watch zombie movies online – – Remember buying films keeps the zombie film industry going.
  • Think Geek get a link, not because of the zombie merch but because of The Princess Bride reference –
  • 13 year old’s zombie birthday party – – The comment pretty much sums up sentiments here at ZC.
  • Left 4 Dead cosplay by the looks of things – – I rofled for a while :D
  • Zombie gummi bear invasion (pic) – – Yeah? Well I’ll bite back, nom nom nom.

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Evil Dead: The Musical Opens in Calgary Next Week

24 May

Or this week if you’re one of those weird people that think Sunday is the start of the week.

Evil Dead: The Musical opens in Calgary on May 26th after over 5 years in Toronto with an equally long run off Broadway and is drawing fans from as far away as Vancouver and Seattle.

The musical is, of course, based on Sam Raimi’s camp 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead and for a generation brought up on the horror movie the lure of an all singing, all dancing stage show is too much to pass up.

Five vacationing college students break into a secluded cabin in the woods. There they discover The Necronomicon, an ancient flash-bound book containing blood-inked spells with the power to summon the demons of Candar.

After playing a tape recording with passages read aloud from the sinister book, the group unwittingly unleashes evil spirits who successfully turn them all into demons.

It’s up to Ash, the meek S-mart Housewares employee, to fight off the demons any way he can. Or… he’ll be dead by dawn. All to show tunes such as “What the F*&k was THAT?” and “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Cadarian Demons!”)

Reaction to the show is so great that it’s had a 2 week extension before it’s even opened!

Evil Dead: The Musical is being staged at The Playhouse in Vertigo Theatre Centre, located in the heart of downtown Calgary and will play to audiences of up to 350 people but audience members are warned that sitting too close to the stage can get them caught in the “SPLATTER ZONE”.

Here’s a preview of What the F*&k was THAT, discretion advised.

While I’ll always be sceptical of any Evil Dead production without Bruce Campbell (hell, any production without Bruce Campbell) this looks like awesome fun and if you’re in Calgary check it out and report back.

Check out the official Calgary site here.


Re Your Brains

24 May

Was listening to my mp3 collection just now when Re Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton came on and I felt like I just had to share it.

Prior to this I was only familiar with the World of Warcraft video (2.5M views!) but managed to find one that I thought was a little more in keeping with the song, from DragonCon TV.

Jonathan has released loads of great songs like this under the creative commons license but why not support him by downloading from his official site and get individual track for $1 or whole albums for $10.


I Love Sarah Jane

24 May

Amazing short film from Blue Tongue Films.

Set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse a young boy falls in love with the titular Sarah Jane. Really good special effects for the most part and good acting from the kids of the piece.