Left 4 Dead Update – L4D2 Demo Dated And More

23 Sep
Left 4 Dead Update – L4D2 Demo Dated And More

Seems like a week can’t go by without tons more Left 4 Dead news surfacing and this week’s no different!

L4D DLC – Crash Course
Contrary to previous expectation that the Left 4 Dead DLC, Crash Course, would be available to play while dominating pop-punkers Paramorethis weekend, the release date has been officially announced as September 29th.

For your 560MS points (or free for PC players) you get 1 new campaign, several survival maps and new streamlined multiplayer, which should allow you to play a game in just 30 minutes!

Left 4 Dead gets new achievements
Presumably in advance of the new Crash Course DLC the Xbox version of received a title update which users will be prompted to download next time the load the game.

Changes include an improved infected view point that allows you to see when your fellow special zombies have recharged their attacks, such as the Smoker’s tongue and Boomer’s bile.

The number of achievements has also increased from 50 – 60 and will probably include the PC version updates as well as a couple more (the PC version includes 58 with the survival pack but Microsoft wouldn’t allow new achievements for unpaid DLC) but the achievements themselves are still currently locked and unnamed.

Left 4 Dead 2 demo dated October 27th!
Final bit of L4D news is that the demo for sequel L4D2 will be released on Xbox 360 and PC on October 27th.

While it’s unclear if this will only be available to pre-order customers or the zombie shooting populace at large, the demo is set to include some form of multiplayer and allow players to get a feel for the new melee weapons.


Boomer’s Day Off – Left 4 Dead Comedy

22 Sep

Boomer’s Day Off is a web mini-series based on the video game Left 4 Dead. This documentary follows the undead lives of Oscar the Boomer and his zombie colleagues, Sheila the Witch and Todd the Hunter.

Watch the rest of the videos after the jump!

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Left 4 Dead Mods – Time For Tubby Bye-Bye

21 Sep

Hot on the heels of the Left 4 Dead Mario mod comes this brilliant idea of slaughtering Teletubbies!

As crazy as this might sound, it’s actually a lot of fun. They even have dismemberment as you will see from the video posted below. Shoot them in the head and a piece will be blown to bits, leaving the grey-matter exposed. The Left 4 Teletubbies mod even comes with sound mods and you’ll hear the infected say “Tinkie Winkie” or “Lala” and the best is when the round is over. I’ll leave that for you to discover. Enjoy this gruesomely awesome mod.

The mod is available for download now from the source button below.

Zombie Women Of Satan Review – Frightfest 2009

Zombie Women Of Satan Review – Frightfest 2009

Taking place after the zombie walk and zombie olympics at Frightfest; Zombie Women of Satan is the first film from male burlesque performer/actor/director Warren Speed, along with more experienced director Steve O’Brien. ZWOS is a remarkable project if for no other reason than the people responsible for writing, acting, directing or producing the film had not met each other 6 months before it’s premiere at Frightfest ’09!

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Left 4 Dead 2 Banned In Australia

17 Sep
Left 4 Dead 2 Banned In Australia

Despite the original Left 4 Dead receiving a MA15 by the Australian government, the second outing for Valve’s zombie shooter has been denied classification for it’s

realistic, frenetic and unrelenting violence

As Australia have no classification system for games designed to be played by those over 15, this boycott of the second game is another blow against mature gamers down under.

Of course what this must mean is that L4D2 is way more bloody and horrifying than the original but I’m not sure I could stand any game that’s was more “unrelenting” than the first. I expect the tears shed by Australians will be less than those shed by me at the hands of the Director AI.

At least some people will still be playing the original when the new games is released.