Best Zombie Getaway Vehicle a… Lexus?

12 Jun

I don’t know about you guys but this sure looks like he’s trying to get away from 28 Days Later zombies to me!


Salvage – UK Zombie Film

12 Jun

Salvage is an interesting new film showing at the Edinburgh Film Festival on the 19th – 21st of June.

When a container washes ashore holding a savage killing machine, the residents of a cul de sac are plunged into a visceral world of violence, terror and paranoia. Ring fenced by the military and ordered to stay indoors, a single mother must overcome all the odds to saver her daughter

Another British film (Salvage was filmed in Liverpool) helping to cement the new dominance of UK film makers in the horror genre. Indeed this summer seems packed with intriguing and suspenseful movies coming out of the UK.

The zombies here (if indeed that is what they are) seem to be firmly in the infected category, fast moving and potentially still retaining some of their higher cognitive functions (using weapons). ZC’s mole at the Festival has yet to report if this film is on his list but if it is expect a review right here.

In the mean time check out the Edinburgh Film Festival page or the official site.


Become A Zombie – Zombie Pictures

12 Jun

Want to become a zombie without all the hassle of dying first? Try one of these sites out to see if it’s for you!

Since Zed Fred first turned ZC Barry into a zombie we’ve come across other sites offering to the same thing in a variety of ways. We have a quick look at the options available and what you get for your money.

Where possible we’ve used the same picture of ZC Barry staring bizarrely into the camera.

zombie barry Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictures

This will haunt your souls.

Turning Zed
Our first venture into going zombie was provided free of charge by Zed Fred at Turning Zed.

Fred does custom images from $5 and is the cheapest of the hand edited options. You may have seen the results before but here it is again.

zedfred picture Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictures This is what you’ll remember on your death bed.

Here’s Fred’s description of what was done:
First, it [the image] came with a stark background that nicely allowed me to add a zombie rampage in the background. It worked out well. I mean, if you’re going to be a zombie you should at least have zombie friends.
Second, it was clear I needed to do the eyes really well. They were a pronounced feature of the source image, and they zombied up quite nicely.
The splotchy burn effect on the face was good, but I think I over did it a bit. Oh well.

Fred’s a great guy and is open to requests for whatever your zombifying needs are. Head on over to check out his celeb zombies (from Hillary to Britney) and to find out more.

Zombie Me

This was the second site we came across and provides 2 options. First is a do it yourself option for free (our favourite price) and second is a hand edited option from $9.99 to $49.99. The differences between them can be seen here (standard, express, light and original).
zm1 standard Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictureszm2 express Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictureszm3 light Become A Zombie   Zombie Picturesorig2 Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictures

The free option allows users to upload their own image and add zombie effects, such as cuts and gashes. Here’s our effort.

zombieme zcbarry Become A Zombie   Zombie PicturesSame plastic surgeon as MJ.

Unfortunately there’s no discolouration options with the free version so despite the wounds ZC Barry still looks remarkably fresh. Check out the site for more examples or watch their promo video below.

Zombie Portraits

The last option we’ve come across doesn’t involve photo manipulation but illustration!

Done by Rob Sacchetto, potential zombies can pay $80 to have an image hand illustrated in a 9″ x 11″ print. The most stylized of all the zombie image services Rob can spend as long as 15 hours doing a single image.

Some great examples can be seen over on the site and Rob explains the whole process of capturing likenesses and bringing out a person’s inner zombie.

As the process is so unique we’ve not managed to get an example of what ZC Barry would like like if he becomes an illustrated zombie but check out the sort of results you can expect.

Zombie Portraits Become A Zombie   Zombie Pictures

If you know of any other zombification sites why not leave us a comment and we’ll check it out and give our opinions.



12 Jun

Ever fancied taking on the undead? Perhaps you’d rather be a zombie, munching on the gooey wholesomeness of human brains? Even better if you could do all that without getting out of your chair, right? Brain Chef might just be the game for you!

Society has always wondered what would cause the inevitable zombie apocalypse: comets from the sky, a chemical accident, radioactive fallout… But what ultimately did it was a game show called Chef Supreme. On that fateful night, two chefs were asked to cook with a secret ingredient : brains! Cow brains, chicken brains, eel brains… the ultimate challenge, to be scored by the studio audience.To this day no one knows who won, for a horrible error was made. Undercooked brains reacted with a rare spice to create a toxin that transformed the entire audience into ravenous zombies. Society fell within a month as the plague spread, each zombie searching for brains to nourish its hunger, each surviving human striving to find a way to end the plague. The end is nowhere in sight, and after years of struggle, only one thing is certain: it was a game show that caused this mess, and someone must pay…

Brain Chef is a free MMORPG that pits Zombies vs Humans. Group together with other players and join clans to take on your enemy – whether they are the living or the living dead. Unlike a lot of games, Brain Chef resets approximately every 4 weeks, leveling the playing field and giving you the opportunity to catch up to the highest level players. As the developers put it “Brainchef is like a land of equal opportunity”.

With a bevy of weapons and seemingly endless replayability, Brain Chef is sure to chomp away at many hours of your life – head over to the official site to read more and sign up for the online Zombie Apocalypse.


Doghouse Trailer and Preview

10 Jun

bride in garden copy Doghouse Trailer and Preview
With a limited release this weekend in the UK, zombie women (Zombirds) take on a bunch of ‘middle-aged’ men in Jake West’s horror comedy, Doghouse, starring Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham and Noel Clarke.

The story follows a group of lads as they take their newly divorced mate to a small sleepy town where the women outnumber the men 4 to 1 but all is not as it seems. Zombie women soon appear and attack as the boys struggle to escape the dead end town, with hilarious consequences.

With reviews of this horror comedy drawing comparisons to Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead ZC will be heading to the cinema to check it out this weekend.

Check out the trailer below or head over to the (noisy) official site.