Leatherman Charge TTi – My Zombie Knife

20 Aug
Leatherman Charge TTi – My Zombie Knife

First gear review is for my newest zombie knife the Leatherman Charge TTi. This is an upgrade to the knife I’ve had for over 2 years and still gets used everyday, the Charge XTi.

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Viral Zombie – Survival Series

Viral Zombie – Survival Series

Think you know how to spot and take down a zombie? Think all zombies are the same? Think you’ll be safe? Think again! We look at the different types of zombies likely to arise during the zombocalypse and how to deal with them. Here we focus on viral zombies, the kind most often seen in films and books.

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28 Days Later Comic Released This Month

18 Aug
28 Days Later Comic Released This Month

As reported way-y-y back when Zombie Command started (May 19th, so not really that long ago), Boom Studios are releasing the continued adventures of Selena from 28 Days Later next Wednesday.

Set between 28 Days and 28 Weeks, the comics will focus on what happened to Selena after 28 Days Later and it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t that she lived happily ever after.

Check out the first couple of pages on Flickr below.



My Day As A Zombie Extra – Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead

17 Aug

Last week the director of Invasion of the Not Quite Dead put out a casting call to pre-order producers asking if they wanted to be a zombie extra, never one to shy away from the spotlight ZC Barry answered that call. Here are his hazy recollections from that day.

*Caution* Below are images you cannot unsee. Scroll down at your own risk.

05:30 – Wake up on the couch. Where am I? Home, great! Cushion in cold cup of tea beside me, not so great. Amn’t I supposed to be doing something today? Probably not, back to sleep.
07:00 – F*&%! Got to get on a train from the city center for an hour to do this trailer. Shower. Dressed. Tube. Make the train.
09:30 – Hungover. Go to the bad place.
10:30 – Get off train at a one horse town in Kent. No taxi rank at the station. Walk to shop. Fire up GPS. 4 mile walk :(
10:35 – See two people getting directions, catch up with them and ask if they are here for the trailer. They are. We walk the rest of the way to the shoot. Sun does it’s best to melt my face. Cars do their best to try and mow us down.
11:40 – GPS claims we’re still over a mile away. Bleached skulls by side of road and water bottles are empty. Buzzards circle above us.
11:45 – GPS’ claims are found to be erroneous, destination arrived at. Thanks given to Zombie Jesus.
12:00 – Meet some more people, cast and crew. Get put into costume. Too fat. Remove pants. Still too fat. Get put into bigger costume.
13:00 – Makeup. Stylist zombifies me with latex, tissue paper and make-up; not as illegal as the last time I was involved with those three items. Stylist unsure what to make of ridiculous amount of hair on my face. Finishes up anyway.
13:30 – Fall asleep in the sun.
15:30 – Wake up. Where am I? In a field! Not again! Memory returns. Calmness decends.
15:45 – Zombies called to do scene. Given roles but not sure what kind of zombies we are. Decide to act the s*&% out of it anyway.
16:10 – Rehearsals begin.
16:11 – Told not to act the s*&% out of it. Assume it’s because I’m making the other zombies look bad. Tone it down.
16:30 – Take 1. Changes made.
16:35 – Take 2. Changes made.
16:40 – Take 3. Changes made…
17:30 – Take 15. Nailed it. Now only 4 miles back to the train :(

So that was basically my day on the set of Invasion of the Not Quite Dead. There’s not too much I can give away at this point as the trailer won’t be available for at least a month and probably be closer to Halloween til it’s finished! The price of shooting on film instead of digital I guess.

Once the trailer’s out I’ll reveal a little bit more and will have an interview with the director, Anthony Lane.

I met some nice people there (you can follow @Big_Jim and @wayfarerXXXX on Twitter) and the crew knew exactly what they were doing to make a movie. The real thing to take away is exactly how much time goes into setting up shots, I always knew that there would be a lot of waiting around but the 4 hours before actually getting to do anything was a killer in the brilliant sunshine we had that day.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be the reddest zombie ever captured on camera as my arms today are bright red and I have a white patch on my otherwise red face where the wound was applied. Speaking of which check out me as a zombie below.

ZC Barry zombified My Day As A Zombie Extra   Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead

Terrifying I’m sure you’ll agree.

Zombie Command will be covering more about the Indywood Project very soon and expect to see the trailer here first!


Survival Of The Dead – Behind The Scenes

17 Aug

BTS George Romero Sneak Peek

A look behind the scenes at George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead. Add the Official Myspace page or follow the cast and crew on Twitter.