Dead Snow – Take A Long Hard Look At My Ass

2 Jun

In anticipation of it’s US premiere on the 19th on June and forthcoming Norwegian DVD release, Linni Meister and the marketing team for Dead Snow have created a viral marketing video that invites you to take a long hard look at her ass.

Linni Meister (Sagittarius, 5’3″, model, 36-23-34, born April 4th 1985, breasts significantly younger) does this tongue in cheek and very auto-tuned song while her and similar looking models strut around with posters for the movie.

Warning, I think the middle eight is NSFW!

Found via Zombies & Toys


Zombieland – First Look

2 Jun

zombieland cropped Zombieland   First Look

If you think Zombieland sounds the like name of an old abandoned amusement park, you’re not the first person whose mind has thought that way.

This up and coming Zombie Comedy takes place in a post apocalyptic America and pits a bizarrely named bunch of survivors against the living dead. Headed by screen veteran Woody Harrelson, the survivors seek refuge in an amusement park (surely second only to ‘derelict asylum’ in the creepy locations list) where they think they will be safe.

Facts about the upcoming movie are scarce and differentiating between truth and speculation has proved tricky. We know that Emma Stone (of Superbad fame) will be another of the survivors and you can expect an appearance from the ‘hotter-than-you’d-imagine’ Mila Kunis (the voice of Meg in Family Guy). But, in what is likely the best celebrity zombie moment since Billy Connolly donned grey skin and overalls for Fido, Bill Murray is slated to play a member of the un-dead in a brief on-screen cameo.

In the relatively malnourished genre of ‘ZomCom’ this movie is being touted as America’s answer to Shaun of The Dead and you can expect to catch this in your local moving picture house in October.


Evil In The Time Of Heroes

2 Jun

Evil In The Time Of Heroes in technically a sequel to Greece’s first ever zombie movie ‘Evil’ or (what I assume is Greek) ‘To Kako’.

The original low budget film proved to be a cult hit (i.e. successful on DVD) and the producers are currently nearing the end of Evil In The Time Of Heroes or ‘Evil II’.

This film introduces time travelling, zombies versus Herculese (tbc) and Billy Zane.

Three days ago everything changed.
An ancient force transformed people to blood thirsty zombies.That wasn’t the first time.
2800 years ago the situation was the same.
Evil was defetaed.
Will they do the same today?

Will they revive the Time of Heroes?

I’m not going to lie to you, this looks awesome.

Find out more at the official site.


Classic: Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

2 Jun

Classic YouTube video of a kid with his face painted like a zombie. You know this kid is a real life Ralph Wiggum.


Zombie Movie 2009

2 Jun

The imagininatively named Zombie Movie gets it’s premiere tonight in San Antonio tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Zombie Movie is the first film produced by special effects artist, Sergio Guerra, so what he lacks in naming creativity should be more than made up for in blood and guts on screen.

Sergio shot the movie in San Antonia erlier this year and was his first attempt at writing (co-written), directing and editing a film. He was of course more at home with creating the special effects as he has created his own special effects house The Darkness and produced effects for local movies ‘Echo’ and ‘the House of the Demon’

A red carpet zombie walk begins at 7 p.m.; screening starts at 8 p.m. followed by Q&A with cast and crew at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 1255 S.W. Loop 410. Tickets are a very reasonable $10.

Check out the official site for more information.