Play Left 4 Dead 2 For Free On Xbox Next Weekend

8 Jan
Play Left 4 Dead 2 For Free On Xbox Next Weekend

Alright, it’s not technically free you still have to have a copy of the game but for those playing Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360, next weekend heralds a free weekend of multi-player action for Silver users of Xbox Live!

Join the battle against the zombie hordes! Beginning, January 15 at 17.00 pm GMT and ending on January 18 at 17.00 pm GMT, Xbox LIVE multiplayer service usually exclusively reserved for Xbox LIVE Gold members will be completely free of charge for all LIVE members while playing “Left 4 Dead 2,” the sequel to the best-selling and critically acclaimed cooperative multiplayer smash from Valve. Exclusively available for Xbox 360 and Windows PC, over 2 million retails copies of “Left 4 Dead 2” have been sold worldwide and over 1 million Xbox LIVE Gold account holders have played the game since its release. The title adds melee combat, new monsters and weapons, the AI Director 2.0 advanced technology, and more to create a much larger game than the original.


The Light of Daigh – Trailer

7 Jan

Despite what seems to be a terrible decision to borrow both the directing style and theme music from 28 Days Later (you’re unlikely to come out favourably when compared against it), Ritual Pictures have recently completed their low budget zombie film.

The Light of Daigh delivers a world never before touched ty the undead and created a new prospective on zombie lore. A mysterious plague has infected a small community. Those that are dying are purposefully infecting the remaining population and no one knows how to stop them. Widespread panic begins to ensue as more and more loved ones and neighbors succumb to the illness. The uninfected begin to board themselves in their homes, hoping to wait out the madness. But when the dead are the enemy, how long can the living hold out?

Thrust into the center of this mass hysteria, a young girl is charged with protection of her five-year-old niece. They struggle to survive from one community to the next in hopes of escaping the plague.

You can allso follow them on Twitter.


Ay Up Me Duck Of The Dead – Trailer

7 Jan

A quintessentially British zombie film recently completed filming and editing and is just awaiting post-production effects and grading before being shown to an unsuspecting public this month!

While the low budget trailer above doesn’t look terribly exciting, given it’s ‘amusing’ name I’m hoping that the final outing will be slightly more comedic.

Check out the official site for more info.

They Shall Pay With Rivers Of Blood – Short Film

7 Jan

Never got around to watching this for some reason when I first saw it but just have and it’s awesome.

We think Vimeo user Benoit Lelievre says it best with

A gang of zombies, a babe and a ninja !!! man you are brilliant !!!


The Titan Project – Trailers

7 Jan

An experiment to cure the flu virus that goes horribly wrong. The outcome is devastating to man kind, turning humans into half living half dead beings.

While still an unfinished project from Silver Phoenix Studios, their goal to

give you more than you could imagine in video production at affordable prices

certainly seems to be realised in these two trailers.

While the principal photography could be described as a little lacking, the special and after effects look pretty damn good. Not sure how much “affordable” actually mean though, but we’re definitely looking forward to the finished product.

Make the jump to see the longer second trailer.

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