Undead Knight – Zombie Overlord

10 Jun

undead knights Undead Knight   Zombie Overlord

Zombies on the go will become a reality for PSP owners courtesy of Tecmo games. Undead Knight places you as a powerful necromancer of sorts who can hack and slash their way around the levels and raise a (small) army of undead to do your bidding.

Revealed at Tokyo Game Show last year it was again in attendance at last week’s E3 conference. Journalists were invited to watch a demo being played as 1 of 3 different characters – a warrior, thief or mage. So far, so unoriginal. The difference here is that players have the option to resurrect their fallen foes as evil undead to do their bidding.

Players need to build their zombie army to take down progressively larger foes but can also sacrifice them to cause MASSIVE DAMAGE [Ed note: sorry, that’s a hackneyed played out meme and the author has been summarily disposed of] and also solve puzzles.

The game is described as a cross between Overlord, where you control mischievous goblin things and Dynasty Warriors, a hack and slash combat game. Not much more info is available but ZC will be watching it’s development to see if it can satisfy our zombie cravings on the journey to work.


Romeo and Juliet… and Zombies

10 Jun

romeo and juliet Romeo and Juliet... and Zombies

Proving that Kim Paffenroth was incorrect in his assumption that adding zombies doesn’t instantly make everything 10x better the Edinburgh Festival presents Romeo and Juliet vs The Living Dead

The Edinburgh Film Festival will host the world premiere of the feature film Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead on June 26th, 2009 (23:00 at Filmhouse 1); the independently made romantic comedy precedes a number of horror/classic literature mash-ups being developed this year

Among the twenty-three world premieres to be unveiled at the 63rd Annual Edinburgh Film Festival, there is one title that can not help but to catch the eye: Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead. The low-budget independent film aims to be the word-of-mouth hit at Edinburgh that Colin, the famed $70 zombie film, was at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead appears to be the first in a wave of horror/classic literature mash-ups. Recently, development has begun on films such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and, another Austen parody, Pride and Predator. The latter is produced by Elton John’s Rocket Pictures.

The Shakespeare parody is the debut film by director Ryan Denmark, who has worked for the last six years as Spike Lee’s associate editor on films such as Inside Man and Miracle at St. Anna. Produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Denmark’s take on this tale of star-crossed lovers both embraces and reinvents Shakespeare’s classic text.

“The idea for the film is Juliet, of noble Capulet birth, falls in love with Romeo, a zombie and hilarity ensues. That only goes so far,” says Denmark. “We needed more or it was going to be a one gag show. For me R&J is a parable about how hatred consumes everything around it. However, it has also spawned a worship of hysterical juvenile love. For that reason, the play has a lot in common with 80’s teen romance films. So when we approached the script we were influenced by films like Valley Girl and Pretty in Pink. We expanded the character of Mercutio to create a love triangle and away we went. Everything flowed from there, including our answer to the problematic question everyone asks, if Romeo is already dead, how does he kill himself? The film is a romantic comedy, but you know, with zombies.”

With this in mind, Denmark has aimed the film for a wide audience, “We want to be the perfect date movie. That’s not to say a chick-flick. This is the film a zombie lover can drag their significant other to and everyone will walk away happy.”

Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead will premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 26th, 2009. It plays at 23:00 at Filmhouse 1. Director/writer Ryan Denmark will be in attendance along with writer Jason Witter, who also portrays the undead Romeo.

You can find more on the film over on Third Star Film’s official site.



I Spit On Your Rave – Zombie Record Attempt

9 Jun

ispitonyourrave I Spit On Your Rave   Zombie Record AttemptIt’s 2018 – six years after a virus was released at the 2012 Olympics. Zombies dominate the earth and humankind has been mauled, torn and eaten to extinction.The problem is there’s not a lot to do now that there are no humans left to rip apart… cue the first post-apocalyptic music festival curated by the undead.

And that’s the premise for the world record attempt for the ‘most amount of zombies captured on camera’. I’ve no idea what the current world record is and this seems to be a new category but the largest gathering of zombies involved 894 participants at Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, United States on 29 October 2006 and I assume this is the record to beat.

The Big Chill Festival plays host to this attempt by Film4 and Warp Films on Thursday the 6th of August in London. Participants need simply purchase their ticket and be made up on the day or alternatively bring their own zombie costume and get featured on camera.

The undead in attendance will be instructed in how to move when you are dead (a useful skill) and which direction to shuffle in (not so useful but obviously important or it wouldn’t have been mentioned). Those undead not in attendance can take part in the Flickr group or on YouTube.

To find out more about the Big Chill Festival click here.
To find out more about the record breaking zombie attempt and how to take part visit the official site.


Night of the Living Dead Reanimated

9 Jun

notld reanimated cropped Night of the Living Dead Reanimated

Let’s get one thing out of the way; Night of The Living Dead roosts highly on the list of the most influential zombie movies ever. It’s the reason a lot of folk are obsessed with the undead and why many of you are here on this site. So when we heard about Night of The Living Dead Reanimated we got a little excited.

What is best described as a collaborative art project; NOTLD Reanimated brings together the work of around 100 international artists (the actual number is yet to be confirmed) who have lovingly recreated scenes from the legendary movie. The artworks, which range from puppetry to CGI, have been curated and edited by project organiser Mike Schneider against the film’s original time-line. So you can expect strikingly different visuals against a familiar soundtrack. But rest assured, they are still coming to get you, Barbara!

Although there is no set date for release, it’s likely the project will be out on DVD later this year. Stay tuned to Zombie Command and the official website for any further news on this intriguing project. In the meantime, check out these 3 trailers.


Michael Jackson To Open Zombie Casino

8 Jun

In an attempt to reduce some of his alleged $100 – $200 million debt (you know, as there’s not much in it), Michael Jackson is to open a Thriller themed casino in Vegas as early as next year.

Jackson fortunes have taken a turn for the worse in recent years with the star even being forced to sell his Neverland Ranch. In an attempt to retrieve some of the money owed he’s looking at various ventures including the new zombie casino.

His new This Is It tour should go a long way to recovering most of the money owed but Jackson is also apparantly producing a new album, several films and a Michael Jackson museum to get out of debt.

There are concerns however that Jackson will not be fit enough to do his tour dates as the star is allegedly suffering from skin cancer and the treatment may leave him too weak to perform.

Zombie Command love Vegas and if there is a Thriller themed casino it’s going to be top of our list to stay in. Indeed if it goes ahead we’re already looking to rent the penthouse as our new base of operations. If you’d like to help ZC realise this dream please send us an email with your credit card number and personal details.