Avoiding Insect Bites In The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Insects

If a flea can spread diseases and illnesses such as the bubonic plague, myxomatosis or endemic typhus, couldn’t they pass on a zombie virus or infection?

Read on to learn how to avoid these beasts.

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The Goon – Teaser Trailer

21 Jul

The teaser trailer for animated comic book film The Goon was revealed at Comic Con yesterday (and now found it’s way to YouTube) and will be based on the zombie, ghoul and ghost filled world which The Goon inhabits.

David Fincher is directing and Paul Giamatti is voicing the titular character, but apart from that not much is known.

The trailer leans towards a zombie filled tale though so perhaps the Zombie Priest will feature as the villain of the movie, who is maybe the looming figure in the background as seen in the picture from AICN (click to pop)

the goon poster 150x150 The Goon   Teaser Trailer

If any regular The Goon readers are out there let us know what you think the film will be about.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Confirmed (Kind Of)

21 Jul

walking dead season 2 The Walking Dead Season 2 Confirmed (Kind Of)

If you were worried that we may only see 6 TV episodes of the 75 issue long (and counting) comic book run of The Walking Dead then lucky for you it seems Season 2 has been confirmed.

A competition running on AMC just now states:

Ever dreamed of being a zombie? Now’s your chance, with AMC’s The Walking Dead Sweepstakes. Submit the online form and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win a four-day, three-night trip to the location of The Walking Dead’s Season 2 production, plus the opportunity to become one of the undead in a Season 2 episode of The Walking Dead. (Exact specifics of the walk-on role will be determined at the producer’s sole discretion.)

Looks like reasonable confirmation to us. Why not enter here or check out these new promo images below (click to pop).

walking dead ladies 150x150 The Walking Dead Season 2 Confirmed (Kind Of)walking dead married 150x150 The Walking Dead Season 2 Confirmed (Kind Of)


DeadTown Motion Comic Teaser in 3D

21 Jul

Grab your 3D glasses and watch this!


Sam Spade in the world of Dawn of the Dead

Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, DeadTown follows the exploits of Chan who lost his family in the zombie plague, and now works as a private detective in a world over-run by the undead.

Those with the means live “Upstairs”, in skyscrapers specially designed to separate them from the infested street level; everyone else is “Downstairs”. The survivors struggle to carve out a life with the constant threat of zombies hanging over them.

Depicted in a rich black and white style, DeadTown combines a classic film noir sensibility with the zombie horror genre, in an edgy re-imagining of the hard boiled detective thriller.

This is one of a number of 2D and 3D motion comics from M2 and is a fantastic new(ish) medium that we’ve never seen done in 3D before.

We’re excited and will be keeping you up to date as soon as we find out more.

Update: After a quick look around it seems as if the guys at M2 are looking for funding to get this project completed over on Kickstarter. If you like the look of it head on over and donate although with only 3 days to go and over $19,000 to be raised, it doesn’t look as though this one will go ahead.


Undead The Last Refuge – Review

Undead The Last Refuge is a first-person zombie shooter for the iPhone which pits you against unrelenting waves of the zombies in an abandoned building with only a pistol for company.

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