The Last Stand – Episode 1

5 Sep

The Last Stand is a web series about survival and redemption in a zombie apocalypse nightmare. An airborne virus known as the Campion Virus, is spreading like wildfire through the populous. When it mutates, it leaves millions dead. The second mutation brings about an even more terrifying threat. The infected are now raging like rabid animals. While the infection seems spread only through fluid, the threat of this virus getting to the survivors of the airborne version is just as horrifying as ever.

Seven people start out trying to make it out of the city and across the river to a place they had heard about before the media went quiet. They are running from zombie, the left overs of the military trying to fire bomb the infected, and themselves. Limited supplies and itchy trigger fingers have caused this group to come to their last chances of survival.

The Last Stand is a zombie video project from Galaxy Sailor Productions. Episode one see the survivors get to the river and make the decisions needed on how to cross.


Colin – Movie Review – Frightfest 2009

Colin – Movie Review – Frightfest 2009

One of the first stories we ever covered at Zombie Command was that of a no budget zombie movie that was garnering acclaim at this year’s Cannes film festival. Then, as the weeks rolled on, more and more people began talking about this £45 wonder film, it appeared in the papers and on tv. It was then that we knew that people needed more zombie news and, by jove, we were going to give it to them!

Letting people know about Colin was one thing but finally getting the chance to see it at Frightfest, along with a brief introduction from director Marc Price and star Alastair Kirton, was great. Having looked forward to this movie for several months, the chance to see it on the big screen (though the Discovery Screen wasn’t quite 56′ big) was an opportunity not to be passed up and certainly not for Italian pop rock star turned director Federico Zampaglione’s Shadow.

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The Resurrection of Officer Rollins – Short Film

4 Sep

This is the sort of short that would have been great at Frightfest; 2 paramedics discuss life and religion during the zombocalypse as the rapture takes those worthy and resurrects the recently deceased.

Will It Kill A Zombie?

3 Sep

Zombie movies… are they full of it, or will your average handheld weapon really crack open a human skull?
Well, we don’t have the money to buy human skulls, so we decided to test out a bunch of tools and household items on the next best thing, coconuts! Take a look at our video and see what weapons will and won’t… kill a zombie.

These are the sorts of test we need to do more of here at Zombie Command. Tell us what weapons you want us to test and we’ll do it :)



3 Sep

This has been out for a couple of weeks but I only just bought it.

Available on the Xbox Indie Marketplace for a whopping 80MSP I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 is a twin stick shooting game (like Geometry Wars, but you know, not as good) featuring 4 player offline co-op and addictive high score keeping.

Check out the video above for gameplay and awesome rocking soundtrack or go to the marketplace to download it to your xbox.