The Undead That Saved Christmas

27 Jul

The Undead That Saved Christmas

Undead in the Head are looking for authors and artists to contribute to a Christmas themed zombie anthology later in the year, with all proceeds going to Hugs Foster Family Agency

From the site:

I am seeking Christmas/holiday themed short-stories ranging from 3000-10,000 words. The stories should have strong holiday themes and must contain zombies. Other then that it is all up to you. Be as gruesome as you’d like but keep in mind, the big kids at Hugs Foster might find a copy of this anthology in their stockings. Original stories only, please no reprints. Multiple submissions are fine up to three stories.

This anthology is for charity. There will be no payments and no contributor copies. This project for exposure only, and to help the foster kids at Hugs Foster Family Agency have a joyful holiday season this year.

In order to accumulate the most funds possible this anthology will be self-published. I am working on finding the best route possible. If anyone has information or suggestions on this please feel free to contact me at the email above.

Everyone is welcome to submit a story. If you have any question or would like more information please feel free to contact me at the e-mail above. Thank you so much for taking the time and I hope you consider this charity opportunity.

Zombies helping kids, warms the heart doesn’t it.

You can find out more or help fund the initial printing by buying stickers here.


Project X – Teaser Trailer

27 Jul

Indie zombie film Project X mailed us their trailer ahead of their film festival tour later this year.

TERROR HITS HOME. A mysterious biological attack on American soil mutates the inhabitants of a small South Texas border town into Zombies hungry for human flesh. In the midst of all the chaos, four survivors must band together to fight the infected and learn the terrible truth behind the contagious outbreak.

We don’t know much else beyond what you see and that the premiere will happen in October but we’ll let you know where you can see it as soon as we do. To follow along join them on the official site or Facebook.


Cowboys Vs. Zombies (iPhone) – Review

Cowboys vs Zombies

Cowboys Vs. Zombies is a tower defence game set in the (wiki-wiki-wild) Wild West and is the second iDevice game from Tall Chair after Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

↓ Click here to read the full story ↓

The Goon – Trailer

26 Jul

The teaser for The Goon surfaced a few days ago at Comic Con but now we have a longer trailer and it still looks amazing!


Quarantine 2: Terminal Finishes Production

26 Jul

Quarantine 2

With REC2 fully moving away from viral zombies and going the demonic route, the news that the Americanized sequel would be departing from the Spanish version’s story was welcome news.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Quarantine 2 has now finished it’s principal photography and that it will be set in an airport where the passengers suffer ‘rabies like’ symptoms.

In QUARANTINE, an apartment building in Los Angeles was quarantined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), trapping the frightened residents inside as a deadly mutant virus turned the residents into rabid killers. QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL picks up later that night at LAX, as passengers board a flight to Nashville. When a passenger becomes violently ill with a mysterious rabies-like virus, the plane makes an emergency landing at a large metropolitan airport. Jenny (Mercedes Masohn, CBS’s “Three Rivers”), a heroic yet inexperienced flight attendant, takes charge of the safety of her passengers. Relieved when a swarm of heavily equipped emergency vehicles, police units and the CDC arrive, Jenny and the passengers soon discover that they have been quarantined and are now trapped. Desperate to escape, Jenny enlists the help of one of the surviving passengers, a kindergarten teacher, Henry (Josh Cooke, A Fork In The Road, I Love you Man), to devise a plan to survive

Still not quite zombies but infected > possessed any day.