Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption Trailer

23 Aug

Sequel to the very enjoyable Zombie Apocalypse, this indie sequel is going for a bigger and better feel to it all.

A total departure from the original ZA story but set in the same universe, ZA:R will merge the zombie and post-apocalyptic genres into one action-packed horror adventure. Picture “Mad Max” with zombies.

Production for the film begins this September, wrapping at the end of the month. If you’d like to get involved with the production on the crew, as an investor, or as a zombie, please email the director at rythom@gmail.com or head on over to the official site.


Paul Is Undead Sequel Announced

23 Aug

Paul is Undead

Paul Is Undead writer Alan Goldsher has revealed that a sequel is in the works for his undead Beatles book.

The story’s not finalised but Alan had this to say:

The Beatles kidnap me, and drag me along for their Poppermost Over America reunion tour, during which they intend to take over the United States. Blood, violence and smashed guitars ensue.

The follow-up will be called ‘Poppermost Over America’ and is due out late 2011/ early 2012.

Virgin Trains Advise Not To Go Zombie

20 Aug

Virgin Trains - Don't Go Zombie

To go along with their series of posters like that above Virgin Trains have made a Google Street View game where players can navigate through the streets of London killing zombies along the way.

You can play the game at any location available on street view (try your own address!) and the highest scoring players will be entered into a draw to win first class travel with Virgin Trains.

One of the more entertaining features of the game is that once a player dies, their Facebook profile picture can be zombified and launched into the game. They then have the option to gain support from friends by posting a ‘rescue me’ message on their wall.

Also, later this summer there will be some special guest Zombies including Sir Richard Branson, who you will be able to kill or rescue (depending on your preference!)

To play it you can head on over to Don’t Go Zombie


Plants Vs Zombies XBLA Trailer

5 Aug

This new trailer from PopCap shows some of the new features we can expect for it’s Xbox release in September.

Looks amazing, but not sure I can justify buying it for a 3rd time.


La Horde 3D Poster

5 Aug

La Horde 3D

Despite not even remotely having any 3D in it La Horde has come out with this 3D poster for it’s Italian release on Spetember 10th.

You can check out our La Horde review or if the 3D isn’t working click to get a better quality version below or check out the other new poster as well.
The Horde 3DLa Horde poster