From time to time Zombie Command will have something to say that doesn’t belong in the main blog. Content on this page is likely to be random and updated intermittently.

Zombie Command is recruiting more commandos! Do you have what it takes?


News Journalists
We’re looking for writers who can commit to bringing us one piece of news daily, usually of roundabout 100 – 250 words.
These articles will usually consist of a topical story, previews of films/ books/ DVDs/ games or anything else zombie related from around the web.
Zombie Command will provide you with stories to investigate and write about or the flexibility to use your own journalistic skills.

We’re looking for reviewers for games, films, books or other merchandise, usually of roundabout 350 – 800 words.
Reviewers will initially review games, books, etc that they already own and periodically Zombie Command will provide review copies to them.

Survival Writers
We’re looking for survival experts who can impart their skills and knowledge to our readers.
Survival writers need to be knowledgeable on any of the following types of topic: survival gear (esp. bug out bags), society infrastructure (how long will power etc be expected to last), food storage, foraging, farming, trapping, weapons, first aid, butchery, or anything that would help people survive in a post apocalyptic world.

Feature Writers
We’re looking for feature writers able to research and write about a diverse range of topics.
Interviews, festival reports, top X lists, teaching skills, different kinds of zombies or any number of other subjects.
Zombie Command will provide topics or journalists are welcome to suggest article ideas.

Social Media Manager
We’re looking for somebody to help manage our Twitter, Facebook, forum and other accounts.
If you’re able to help spread the the word by reaching out to communities where they already interact then we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for somebody who can help design images for articles, infographics and unique article layouts.


WordPress Developer
We’re looking for someone who can help optimise the code for the Zombie Command website as well as improve functionality.

Mobile Developer
We’re interested in producing applications for the iPhone and Android devices.

Flash Developers
We’re interested in producing games for play on the web.

XNA Developers
We’re interested in creating indie or arcade games on the Xbox.