Zombie Hood Looking For Cast

26 Jul

A Pint Film Productions

A Pint Film Productions, creator of Ay Up Me Duck Of The Dead are looking for actors to star in their second zombie film Zombie Hood, and are almost set to go.

If you are free for auditions next month, can film between September – January and can be in the Midlands, then check out if you fit any of the criteria below.

Casting for the roles shown below will start during August 2010. If you’re interested in any of the parts shown below, please drop us an email with more information about yourself or register here. Please note that most of these roles will require wearing zombie make-up at some time during filming. This may also involve long early morning make-up sessions for the final scenes.

Ella – Female 18-30 Well educated and intelligent. Has a strong belief that everyone has some good in them. Needs to be athletic and able to run.
Rik – Male 22-30 Office worker. Thinks he’s a ladies man. Not really a fighter, but will stand his corner if pushed. Will be required to drive a car and must have a full driving licence.
Candi – Female 18-25 Receptionist. Pretty fun loving girl with attitude, but easily lead and slightly stupid.
Melanie – Female 8-12 Quiet, intelligent and vulnerable. Must be able to cry.
Bill – Male 60+ Pensioner who offers age and wisdom. Struggles to get around and walks with a stick.
Sam – Male 16-20 Brother of a drug dealer. Rough upbringing. Personality can turn in an instant.
Dermott – Male 25-40 Police officer. Genuine guy who thinks on his feet. Will need to be athletic, able to climb and preferably have some stunt experience.

Claire – Female 25-40 Housewife and married to a police officer.
David – Male 25-40 Police officer, married to Claire.
Luke – Male 22-30 Friend of Rik.
Paul – Male 22-30 Friend of Rik.
Kelly – Female 18-25 Friend of Candi.
Pete – Male 16-20 Teenage friend of Sam.
George – Male 16-20 Teenage friend of Sam.
Karl – Male 20-40 Refugee camp survivor.

Bouncer – Male 20-40 Large build Tries to keep control in the bar when hell comes to town.
Scared girl – Female 18-25 Finds Kelly being attacked in the toilet at the bar.
Toilet zombie – Female 18-25 Zombie who attacks Kelly in the toilet at the bar.
Homeless person – Male 18-40 Big Issue seller who is mistaken for a zombie.

Various ages, genders and sizes. Fast and slow. May be required to wear contact lenses. May be asked to be available for early morning shoots. May need to attend a night shoot in a forest. (dark and scary!!)

You can apply for any role by emailing steve@ayupmeduckofthedead.co.uk with details about yourself or apply on Star Now.

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Comments (6)


  1. steve best says:

    We’ve now cast all of the leading and support roles but you can still apply to be a zombie!

  2. adele jackson and caleb dixon says:

    hi, are you still looking for zombie’s? my 12 yr old son and i are interested.
    thanks, adele

  3. elliott says:

    hey are you still looking for zombies i’ve been mailing you but i havnt recieved an email since about late october early november so im not 100 percent sure whats happening

  4. Steve Best says:

    We’re holding the zombie school at the Art Organisation in Nottingham on Saturday 15th January 2011 from 10am to 5pm.
    Please check your spam folder for replies is you’re not getting updates.

  5. Alexis Carl Strawn says:

    Any parts still going ?

  6. David Morrell says:

    Hi how are you a friend of yours called harley works at yasig told me about your production and i was wondering if you still have parts available? I am an actor/musician thanks

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