Zombie Game Experiment – Getting Involved

15 Oct
Zombie Game Experiment  – Getting Involved

Obviously the main way of becoming involved is by making a donation, as little as a dollar allows you to vote and influence the course of the game and just $10 gets you a copy of the game when it is eventually released. Once you have made a donation, make sure you are active in the forums and bring as many ideas to the community there as you can. The devs read every thread and are constantly looking for your feedback.

The next best way of becoming involved with the game is by spreading the word.

If you have a blog or a website, why not write about the experiment? If it interests you then it probably also interests the people that read your blog. You can use any of the information here or check out the site directly to find out on any new updates. If you have the space you can also put up a banner which will be available soon, directly from the site.

If you’re on Twitter, why not follow @zombiesandbacon and give a Tweet about the project.

For those of you that want to get even more involved Hive Media are looking for people to fill a variety of roles. If you think you fit the bill for any of these why not get in touch by using the contact form.

Community Moderators
As more people join the forums it often becomes difficult to sort out threads, make sure everyone’s heard and organise meaningful communication with the members. As a moderator you will help shape and guide discussion on the forum, try and keep fighting on the boards to a minimum and also be more closely associated with the devs and help them let people know what they are up to.

If you have experience moderating a forum, why not drop them a line.

Twitter and Facebook Managers
As the devs spend most of their time creating and building the game, it’s hard to find the time to manage the community that’s not always on the site. People love to use Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other places to talk.

If you think you can spread the word to more people through these social media sites as well as monitor where people are talking about the experiment and answering their questions, then you could be an invaluable asset to the team!

Unity 3D Programmers
The Zombie Game Experiment is being built using the Unity Engine. If you have experience with the game engine and would like a professional credit in this unique game project then Hive Media would love to hear from you.

If you don’t know what it means, you probably can’t do it :) If you have experience link building, on-page optimisation or a great idea to generate online traffic then being associated with this would be a great CV filler.

Other Professional Help
Do you work for a PR company? Can you draw? Are you a level designer? Have we forgotten something?!
Hive Media would love to hear from you if you have any time or ideas related to this product. With opportunities for professional credits or playing the latest builds first you’ll definitely get out as much as you put into making this game work!

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  2. diamondTearz says:

    Consider me involved. Let me know how I can help.

  3. Bane says:

    I like the idea/concept of the game developers getting input prior to release. I’ll be sure to do a write up on my site and kick in some cash for copies of the game.

  4. goose says:

    This project is so dead it’s hilarious. I donated $10, the “Project owner” then spontaneously kickbanned me from the IRC channel, and banned me from the forums. Now I’m wondering where my copy of the game I’m entitled to is. And the site, channel, forums, everything is gone now.

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