Zombie Game Experiment Gets Brains

3 Dec
Zombie Game Experiment Gets Brains

Middleware AI developers Xaitment have donated their AI technology to the guys behind the Zombie Game Experiment, ironically providing them the means to not have the AI act like zombies!

The project first came to xaitment’s attention as a result of its own stated objective, which is to improve the gameplay – and ultimately the fun – of a game by keeping non-player characters (NPCs) from walking around like “brainless” zombies. After an extensive evaluation, the Hive Media team chose xaitment’s AI toolset because of its easy integration into Hive’s current pipeline, its modular approach to AI, and its easy-to-learn graphical interface.

This development will allow Hive Media to have a much more complex game than they initially thought and to concentrate more on the art and gameplay.

The Zombie Game Experiment is a charity project game where the community can dictate the direction of the game. To find out more visit the site or check out our series on it by clicking the links below.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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