Zombie Command Launch iPhone App

22 Feb
Zombie Command Launch iPhone App

Good news, everyone! We’ve discovered a way that will let you read this sentence in the voice of Professor Farnsworth!

Also, we’ve just launched the Zombie Command iPhone app in the Apple iTunes store that will let you get the latest news and Twitter updates directly to you iPhone!

There’s not that much more to it at the moment but it does make it look pretty for when you’re on the move.

Best of all it’s FREE!

Check out the screenshots below or download it (opens in iTunes). Don’t forget to rate it or leave a review.

ZC Reader splash pageZC Reader Twitter updatesZC Reader Blog

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Comments (8)


  1. Jon Walmsley says:

    Great to have a new horror app for my iPhone. Sits right next to Plants vs Zombies!

    Any chance the next update gives ability to read and make comments on articles, as can’t see comments through iPhone site or app just yet?

  2. Maybe ZC Reader 2 will let you comment but at the moment it just aggregates the RSS feeds for here and the Twitter feed.

    You can always drop by and comment though :D

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