Zombie Cannon Carnage – Trailer

15 Feb

Zombie Cannon Carnage is a new iPhone game from Freeverse and is their second game after Parachute Ninja.

The trailer above shows a bit of the gameplay and we’ll have a review for you once it’s released, but how can you go wrong with such awesome game names.

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Comments (2)


  1. kellyx says:

    After living with these Zombies for months now, we’re ready to release them into the World. Pee Pee Boy, Z-emo (Emo Zombie, in her Goth environment) and Rot Bot!
    These are our Zombie Super Hero’s from Outer Space!!
    This game developed by the two people, Se7en and Me Kelly X, this game took us five months to do when it was supposed to take two, one of the programmers got eaten by Zombies, haha (=bailed on us). With much aid from our publisher Freeverse the game is now ready for release mid-end of this month Feb.
    We hope you enjoy our loving Characters… they’ll LOVE YOU TO DEATH <3, Mahaha! Thanks, KellyX

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