Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space – iPhone Game

29 Oct

To fight these hot but dead aliens you’ll have a variety of conventional and unconventional weapons including:

  • Dual-wielding slingshots
  • Zombie-busting ammo such as rocks, live rodents, Molotov cocktails and dynamite
  • A mysterious power (aka beach party music) that stops the zombies in their tracks

The Dual-Wielding Slingshots may rank as one of the most effective shooting gestures for the iPhone and iPod touch gaming. You slide your thumbs back and off the screen, in the process defining angle, velocity, and hence trajectory. The result is that you can shoot extremely fast and accurately, yet you maximize screen real estate for the actual game. Try it out!

The game features Marina Orlova as the queen zombie. She explains the game’s origins here:

Remember, as a member of the resistance, you are not alone:

  • Global view shows you who’s winning – the aliens or the earthlings
  • Challenge other zombie annihilators over Facebook connect

With 40 levels of progressive difficultly you’ll have to be vigilant as wave after wave of Zombie Bikini Babes come at you with different levels of skill, speed and viciousness. Not into achievements? OK, try survival mode and engage in immediate, unadulterated mindless mayhem.

For $0.99 and an iPhone or iPod touch, you can join the resistance today.

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