WW Heroes Comic – Wrestling Zombies

3 Dec

Wrestling Zombies

Much like Zombie Iron Man Riding A Giant Ealge before it, comic book covers featuring zombies are awesome.

This one features Triple H, The Undertaker (appropriately) and John Cena wrestling zombies (oh and some of them are also demon leopard men). I don’t know why and frankly I don’t care (but I’m led to believe the comics feature Wrestlemania set against historical (ly inaccurate) settings).

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Comments (3)


  1. Epic_Problem says:

    I like wrestling and I like zombies – yet I fear this will blow.

  2. Oh, it will definitely suck a tremendous amount of ass.

    Tremendous amount.

  3. Vendettadolce.com says:

    How long did it require u to create _WW Heroes Comic – Wrestling Zombies – Undertaker, Triple H,
    John Cena_? It contains a lot of good tips. Thank
    you ,Houston

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