WIN: Valley of the Dead And Thin Them Out

19 May
WIN: Valley of the Dead And Thin Them Out

You’ll need to be an old time Zombie Commando if you remember our interview with Kim Paffenroth back in June but, as one of the few zombie scholars out there, his books are well thought out pieces of zombie fact and fiction.

As a long term supporter he’s offered one of our lucky readers the chance to win 2 of his books! Valley of the Dead and his limited edition chapbook, Thin Them Out.

You can support Kim by visiting his blog, liking his page on Facebook, checking out his latest publications on Permuted Press or buying his books from Amazon (or use the links below).

Let’s look at the prizes!

Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead cover artWorking from Dante’s “Inferno” to draw out the reality behind the fantasy, author Kim Paffenroth unfolds the horrifying true events that led Dante to fictionalize the account of his lost years… For seventeen years of his life, the exact whereabouts of the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri are unknown to modern scholars. It is known that during this time he traveled as an exile across Europe, working on his epic poem, “The Divine Comedy.” In his masterpiece he describes a journey through the three realms of the afterlife. The most famous of its three volumes, “Inferno,” describes hell. During his lost wanderings, Dante stumbled upon an infestation of the living dead. The unspeakable acts he witnessed – cannibalism, live burnings, evisceration, crucifixion, and dozens more – became the basis of all the horrors described in Inferno. Afraid to be labeled a madman, Dante made the terrors he experienced into a more “believable” account of an otherworldly adventure filled with demons and mythological monsters. But at last, the real story can finally be told.

Thin Them Out

Then Them Out cover artThe dead.

The dead are getting up. Walking around. Acting… strangely.

And killing.

But sometimes, in this terrifying new world, it’s the living you have to worry about.


To enter simply follow the Zombie Command Birthday Bash rules and leave a comment below.

If you can’t think of anything to say simply tell us which historical figure do you think would have been most prepared for zombies?

Remember you can enter once per day until the 31st of May by commenting and to check back tomorrow for more prizes!

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Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead


An alternate look at Dante's Inferno

Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead


An alternate look at Dante's Inferno

Valley of the Dead

Valley of the Dead


An alternate look at Dante's Inferno

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Comments (32)


  1. Neil says:

    Jesus would have been prepared for Zombies, as he didn’t exist, and therefore couldn’t have been bitten! OMG SHIP THE PRIZE!

  2. Need a Nickname Scott says:

    George S. Patton would be my choice for who would have been most prepared for the uprising.

  3. Sean says:

    Ozzie Osbourne would be my choice. He would just bite the head off a zombie and then rock out.

  4. Misty says:

    I REALLY want to read these. I love everything zombies!! I would say Hitler would be prepared because he was crazy and paranoid anyway and didn’t mind wiping out people.

  5. Ray says:

    Genghis Khan. That guy was never not ready for war.

  6. Paige MacGregor says:

    Andrew Jackson. He did it with the Native Americans, he could do it with zombies.


  7. Ed says:

    Alexander The Great. Elephants vs. Zombies no contest. Unless of course there were elephant zombies.

  8. StormyLeeUK says:

    Celebrating your b’day by watching Zombie Diaries on The Horror Channel

  9. StormyLeeUK says:

    Jesus – He would heve terrific insight having risen from the dead himself!

    Have I won yet??

  10. Lipstattoo says:

    Awww man these sound awesome. Currently Reading walking dead vol 5

  11. @Lipstattoo I spoke to Image comics about sponsoring a giveaway but the PR lady is on a business trip. Might get back in time to add to the 30th’s massive bonanza giveaway though!

  12. Interested on that Thin Them Out book.

  13. Dzhelasi says:

    Wapow, I think Im late. Christopher Columbus. XD

  14. StormyLeeUK says:

    Soooo….this is entering again then?!?!?!

  15. Ray says:

    Vlad the Impaler would have been pretty well set up for a zombie uprising, too, given his propensity for decapitating his enemies.

  16. Rad says:

    Just got done reading Walking Dead 11, whats next?

  17. Zombob says:

    Ghengis Khan would’ve kicked serious zombie-butt!

  18. James Nixon says:

    Definatley Chuck Norris

  19. Guilherme D'ravem says:

    In need of some good zombie reading

  20. EllenRipley112 says:

    Alexander the Great–he beat Genghis Khan on “Deadliest Warrior”, so obviously he’d be supreme at conquering the undead.

    • Ray says:

      No, Genghis Khan won that match-up. Superior long-range weapon, and a better sword for when it got up close and personal.

  21. Harry says:

    which historical figure do you think would have been most prepared for zombies? – Jesus, he is one of them…

  22. Jaime says:

    I think that – in terms of historical figures – Winston Churchill would have been best prepared. In terms of still-living-but-will-be-historical-figures….George A. Romero would be the best prepared. He’s the only one who wouldn’t freak out immediately.

    • Ray says:

      Churchill is a creative choice, but he wasn’t a fighter himself. Without an army to carry out his plans, he’d be lunch.

      • Jaime says:

        Just about any of these historical figures would be lunch – eventually – without an army (ya gotta sleep). ONE person couldn’t withstand the apocalypse. I chose Churchill because he was able to keep the Brits together even through the blitz. He also fought in India, the Second Boer War and the Sudan (to name a few) while in the Army (specifically in the Cavalry). Don’t just think of him as the rotund war time leader. He was former Army (with some combat experience) and is widely considered to be one of the greatest war time leaders any country has ever had. He’d be a great choice to LEAD others to victory in a zombie apocalypse.

  23. Jaime says:

    Another choice……Abraham Lincoln…..he already has impressive skills as a Vampire Hunter that should translate nicely to killing zombies.

  24. Ray says:

    Simo Hayha. Or, as the Soviet Army called him, “The White Death”. He was a Finnish sniper during the Winter War of 1939-40 who recorded 505 confirmed kills, and possibly more than 800. And he did all of this with a bolt-action rifle. He was so feared, the Russians deployed counter-sniper teams and artillery strikes to kill him. They all failed.

  25. Giz says:

    The spartans! they would be ready!

  26. Mort8088 says:

    genghis khan he’s the biggest B.A.M.F. of them all…

  27. Zedword says:

    I agree with Max Brooks that the Romans would be most prepared

  28. Jason Cole says:

    hmm well hello everyone. I believe that no leader would be prepared for a zombie outbreak much less apocalypse. I think without proper military action all would be lost.

  29. Jordan says:

    Sylvester Stallone was definitely ready for zombies in his Rocky days.