WIN: Pro Zombie Soccer On iPhone

21 Jun

Win Pro Zombie Soccer On iPhone

To celebrate the release of Pro Zombie Soccer on the iPhone we’re giving away a copy courtesy of Chillingo.

To enter simply tell us in the comments which sport you’d least or most like to play against zombies.

The best answer will be picked by our team of highly trained monkeys on Wednesday at 18:00 GMT.

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Comments (3)


  1. Luis says:

    mhhh a beisball game agaisnt the zombie, a homerun with the heads of zombies :D

  2. slayerz86 says:

    Baseball would be the best because you’d already have a weapon handy and water polo would be the worst with them dragging you down into the depths to drown and become one of them.

  3. John Gray says:

    Most like: Hockey (old time hockey) – sharp skates, big wooden sticks, no helmets. Lots of dangerous stuff (boards, goal pipes) to check them into. Plus, most would have no teeth.

    Least like: Wrestling – No weapons/protection whatsoever. it’s always a bad idea to get in a wrestling match with a zombie.

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