The Dead Must Die – Episode 1

6 May

“The Dead Must Die” is a new comedy/horror web series set after the inevitable ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, launching today as an Official DailyMotion web series.

There are 7 zombie fueled episodes, which will be appearing once a week for the next 7 weeks.

It follows two video game geeks, Steve (Stephen Russell) and other Steve (Jonny Helm) as they navigate through the wild terrain of their long awaited (and often discussed) zombie apocalypse.

Unfortunately, neither of them is really prepared for the reality of the situation…

Through blizzards, anti-zombie hate mobs, sand-eating, creepy nameless ninja chicks, crossbows, and moms, our heroes shall venture forth into this new world, where there is only one thing they can be certain of: that the dead must die!

From its beginnings as an in-character Twitter account dealing with the zombie apocalypse, The Dead Must Die has developed into a full grown monster series with the aid of its award winning creator Matthew Snyman and Digital Media Producer Alex Barkaloff (Lionsgate) and of course the lovely folks at DailyMotion.

Each episode has original art designed by a group of select illustrators from around the world, and will be available for download each week.

You can find out more at The Dead Must Die’s tumblr blog or follow them on Twitter.

pixel The Dead Must Die   Episode 1
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Comments (3)


  1. Anonymus says:

    This is an awesome web series! Thank you for recommending it! I laughed so hard watching it xD

  2. Patrick says:

    Very entertaining. I enjoyed the dialogue between the main characters and the yelled conversation to the inevitable Mom. Lighting and atmosphere were also well done. Whoever is doing the production work is talented.

    Thanks for posting. I’ll keep in touch with this little bit of zombie goodness.

  3. Wow guys this is awesome!, I was just having a trawl around the web (as you do on this time on a Christmas Day), and I am sat here chuckling to myself watching it, I agree with Patrick, the production work is spot on, I’m gonna go have a look at the rest of the posts now, cheers for this

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