Survival Of The Dead Poster By Charlie Adlard

5 May

Survival of the Dead poster

For those of you who don’t know (and can’t tell from the poster), Charlie Adlard is the artist for Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and has created this special Survival of the Dead poster for it’s on demand release.

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Comments (37)


  1. Hells says:

    The first The Walking Dead artist was Tony Moore who is quite amazing. So Charlie Adlard is ONE OF the Walking Dead artist. :) I’m more of a Tony Moore fan myself for his detailed work. Check out TWD Vol. 1 – the art is outstanding.

  2. Yeah, but as Tony Moore drew about 7 and did the first 25 covers (if memory serves) and we’re now 70 issues in, I think it’s fair to say that Charlie Adlard is THE artist for The Walking Dead.

  3. ugh says:

    charlie adlard SUCKS SO BAD compared to tony moore. its sooooo sad

  4. @ugh Nice try Tony! lol

    Seems like a pretty wild statement though. What is it that you don’t like about Adlard?

  5. evilnerd says:

    Well charlie adlard art is sloppy. He tries to hide his flaws by using a “shade” overkill.

    Proportions are never right (and it’s a style issue) thats why he sucks. I’ll never forget the shock I had, when I opened issue #7…

  6. sae says:

    I agree, Adlard’s art is garbage compared with Moore’s. I stopped reading TWD for a long time because I was so irritated. My biggest problem with Adlard is that he is not consistent- You can barely tell which character is which and even individual characters change from panel to panel because he can’t f-cking draw them. In a character driven comic with a dozen players in any given issue, it’s ludicrous. And he really hasn’t gotten any better over time.

  7. Fliggity says:

    I agree with the other comments. Charlie Adler’s art is not nearly as impressive as Moore’s. It’s the reason I stopped reading The Walking Dead. I loved Tony Moore’s style. Adler is sloppy. His landscape and architectural work is alright, but he sucks at drawing faces and he has a very poor grasp of light and shadow.

  8. Kevin says:


    I googled “Charlie Adler sucks” and found this comment thread. I was saying the exact same thing. Within one issue Rick looks like 20 different people. And that goes with all the characters. The drawing is terrible. I say to myself as I’m reading “god damn he sucks.” blech.

    • Gonzalo says:

      The same thing happen to me, i was thinking this guy sucks, and i google it.
      I can´t believe how they let Moore go.
      He is so much better!!!

  9. lezlofezlo says:

    haha thats a pretty funny thing to say considering his name is acctually known and your isnt. You say his drawings suck well i bet his are alot better than yours.

  10. Aeon says:

    @lezlofezlo What a stupid and pointless statement. Did anyone claim to be an artist? And how does saying Adlard’s art is better than that of the previous poster change the fact that it is sub par compared to the work of Moore?

  11. Dani says:

    Completely agree. I barely started the series after hearing such great things about it, and when I opened issue #7 I was in for a surprise. So far I’ve had trouble finishing it. It feels like a different story all together. Moore’s characters were the ones I was connecting with, not Adlard’s.

  12. Joey says:

    Again, agreed. Everyone I know who reads TWD makes the same criticisms of Adlard (art is poor, consistency is terrible, can never tell characters apart). The fact that the book is in black and white makes it even more important that the characters be recognizable via the pencils/inks, since color is not an available way of discerning between them.

    I think it’s extremely odd that this seems to be the consensus opinion among the majority of readers, yet Adlard remains on the book.

    I don’t know why Tony Moore left, but I really wish they’d bring him back. If they can’t, then at least give another artist a shot.

    Adlard’s art actually makes me not want to read the book. I only stick with it because I like the storyline so much.

  13. Aaron Held says:

    I like Adlards art it’s darker and kind of fitting since it comes in I think after carl shoots rick. But i can definitely agree I like Tony Moores better besides being a bit cartoony, Adlards so sloppy and inconsistent although his has a more film noir feel and more realistic. so I like both but I can agree on all the criticism.

  14. Mark says:

    You guys took the words out of my mouth!! I’ve been wondering for so long why the hell Kirkman stuck with Adlard. Like a lot of you guys said the characters’ faces are hard to recognize since he can’t draw them well. Eyes look weird and most of the time not proportional. A single character’s face changes multiple times throughout an issue. One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with TWD was because of Moore’s art.

  15. Nick says:

    Ha. Me too. Googled Adlard sucks and this page popped up. I used to love walking dead and struggled through about 3 years of collecting and reading, totally frustrated by the horrible art. I finally gave up reading it even though I enjoy the story. A comic is only half way there with either only story or art.

  16. Joe says:

    Like most people here I googled Charlie Adlard sucks and here I am haha

    They need to get a new artist, I’ve seen people doodle pictures that look better than anything in Adlard’s Walking Dead issues.

  17. Norm says:

    I’m the latest person to find this page after googling “Adlard sucks.” I was just reading another Kirkman book, “Guarding the Globe,” which has a cameo from TWD characters. Its drawn by Ransom Getty and looks 100x better than Adlards doodles. Its also in color, which I think they should have done from the get go. Too late to change it now though.

  18. Chris says:

    I googled Tony Moore vs Charlie Adlard and came here… I am wondering if anyone has found or put together a side by side comparison of some of the characters… since i have the digital version of the comics, its hard for me to put each artists work side by side…
    Personally, I read about 90 issues before finding out there was a artist switch at #7… I thought it was one artist was getting lazy over time.

  19. Heylen says:

    Ummm…are you for REAL Chris? You thought it was the SAME artist through issues 1 -70 but just that, sometime around issue 7, he got lazy and untalented overnight?? Dude…head to the optometrist. NOW. hahah thats one of the funniest things ive heard all week. Maybe if Moore had a svere stroke or something but decided to soldier on, what you thought happened might be possible. Until then, lets just chalk it up to choosing an innappropriate (and in my opinion , not very talented) artist to take over….why they chose such a jarringly ‘different’ artist is still beyond me….im sure people wouldve been lining up to take over pencil duties on this book….
    Funny thing is, some of Adlards cover work is a significant step up…still not great, but a definite improvement…but PLEASE, come back TONY MOORE!!!

  20. KidRippa says:

    I googled Tony Moore vs Charlie Adlard to get here. As a graphic designer myself I have a very low tolerance for visual inconsistencies. Issue number 7 was such a bummer for me. I kept referring back and forth to earlier issues. I’m only on issue 9 right now and when I discovered that Adlard penned the everything else up to the current issue my heart sunk. This thread needs to be brought to the attention of Kirkman and his people. Get rid of that Hack Adlard and get a real arist in there. NO, I’m not an Illustrator and don’t clim to be…

  21. Spiderfan says:

    i picked up volume one and two at a used book when I went home for a vacation. I quickly made it through number one and loved the story and artwork. I regretted not buying more issues and was about to go get more when I flipped through volume 2 and was disgusted at inconsistencies of the artwork from frame to frame. It looks like a high school artist drew this, a pale comparison to Tony Moore. I was looking forward to the graphic novels because I love the show but there is no way I’d buy any more of these because the artwork sucks so bad. You guys really dropped the ball .

  22. Meg says:

    What is with all of the random dark patches any time Adlard tries to draw a jacket in a shadow?? I love the show and started reading the comic only after season 2 finished up. I loved Moore’s artwork in the first volume. There is so much detail and the zombies look great. Adlard’s work looks so sloppy and lazy by comparison–he’s either just not a very good artist or he’s not spending enough time on his work!

  23. Zach says:

    Oh my god. I googled Charlie Adlard sucks and came across this thread because the art for the first 6 or so chapters was GREAT and then all of the sudden I couldn’t even tell the difference between Glenn and Rick and Dale in some of the scenes! They were all completely different people, and at the same time just generic squishy men with horrible stubble! The little bits of uniqueness that Moore gave each character were completely gone. I’m on chapter 9 now, and I don’t even know if I want to continue!

  24. it's true says:

    Adlard does indeed suck. Google brought me here, and it’s the TRUTH

  25. Lex says:

    I’m on chapter 26 now and knowing I have to put up with like 70 or so more with Adlard’s style is really degrading. If the story wasn’t good I wouldn’t even stick around to read it. Moore’s style is what made it unique and clean but with Adlard’s style I can’t even distinguish between characters. I’m glad Maggie cut her hair because I always got Lori and her confused!

  26. webraider says:

    I was given the first six issues and I was really impressed. Yes, Moores style is a little more cartooney, but it still was ok in my opinion. At least you could tell the emotions the characters had.

    Then came the day I read issue number 7… My god… I immediately knew this couldn’t possibly be Moore drawing (got fooled by the cover, nice going there faking you into buying it). DEAR LORD was Adlard bad back then. Some heads were fucking HUGE – Carl looks like an abomination sometimes.

    I’m now up to 105th issue. Adlard sure got better. Still not even remotely comparable to Moore. And all I read in the forums is fanboys who say “But the style of Adlard fits much better herpderp”. Bullshit. Just because he is sloppy, inconsisten, lazy as fuck and doesnt think drawing backgrounds etc. is important doesnt make him a fucking comic-noir-genius.

    The only thing thats going for Adlard is that he is able to meet his deadlines. And, sadly, this is something a more work-intensive style like Moore’s seems not be fitting. He cant rush out the panels like Adlard. But – you can notice that.

    If it were for me, only publish them quarterly. I dont care. Just give us Moore back or anyone else that draws better than Adlard (shouldn’t be too much of a deal).

    Dont let the fanboys fool you. Adlard started with next to no talent. He has REALLY improved since then. But is he really good in what he’s doing? In drawing one of the best selling comics (dont even dare to call this graphic novel)? No.

  27. Fredacp says:

    The worst thing is that Adlard is probably getting a mountain of money by doing a shitty job, because the amazing storyline by Kirkman saves the day.

    Adlard has to be blackmailing someone there or something. lol

  28. Charlie says:

    Agreed with everyone. Moore > Adlard. Google searched, ended up here.

    Image comics showed up when I was heavy collecting many many years ago. The first thing that slammed me in the face was that amazing artwork in all of their books. I mean AMAZING! Gen 13, Witchblade ; It made everything made by DC and Marvel look like garbage. It changed the entire game. That’s why it’s so puzzling about this terrible art in an image comic. Granted, I haven’t collected anything in more than a decade, so I guess things have just really changed.

    Is there a published interview where Kirkman answers questions about this? I’m very interested in the reasoning for it.

  29. hayguizz says:

    Honestly, I can’t stand Moore. His drawings from the first few were so stupid looking and cartoony. Honestly, Glenn looked like a total cockboy and Shane’s chin was god damned enormous. I mean, just look at the panel when rick gets hit by Duane for Christ’s sake. Stupid stupid stupid. Imagine how Moore’s style would have worked with how VERY dark the series has gotten. The Governor torture scene? Lame. Issue 100’s crazy death scene? Stupid. Adlard’s art is so dark and fucking sad looking. It’s honestly a perfect match.

  30. Jack says:

    As many in this tread, I googled “Charlie Adlard sucks”. I agree with many of you about the hardly recognizable characters. Some of them change face proportions from a panel to another. In issue 7 I couldn’t tell if those in the backgound were snowy bushes or smoke… I like the story, but it’s unacceptable that reading a comic book must make you struggle to understand what’s going on in the panels because they are so badly drawn. Zombies now are more cute than Carl, and more sexy than Lori. And that’s not a good thing… Yeah, Tony Moore looked a bit too much cartooney at the beginning, but since they switched to Adlard… Looking back, Tony’s art was amazing.

  31. catsniffer says:

    I really have no idea why Adlard is still onboard. Awful. Just awful.

  32. AdlardSucks says:

    Adlard is fucking abominable.

    Ruined the comic. But at least we still have issues 1-6.

  33. 10MD says:

    I dnt want to look it (kind of the opposite for a comic). I noticed it straight away and thought maybe someone’s getting their day in the sun thought Tony Moore will be back next issue i was dead wrong

  34. Nate says:

    Also here when googling ‘Charlie Adlard sucks’. This is like the support group for peeps who know how much better the book could be with an amazing artist. I’m blown away that he was ever able to keep the job. Must have had some serious dirt on Robert or something. What a bummer tho.

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