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12 Jun

Want to become a zombie without all the hassle of dying first? Try one of these sites out to see if it’s for you!

Since Zed Fred first turned ZC Barry into a zombie we’ve come across other sites offering to the same thing in a variety of ways. We have a quick look at the options available and what you get for your money.

Where possible we’ve used the same picture of ZC Barry staring bizarrely into the camera.

Zombie Barry

This will haunt your souls.

Turning Zed
Our first venture into going zombie was provided free of charge by Zed Fred at Turning Zed.

Fred does custom images from $5 and is the cheapest of the hand edited options. You may have seen the results before but here it is again.

Turning Zed Image This is what you’ll remember on your death bed.

Here’s Fred’s description of what was done:
First, it [the image] came with a stark background that nicely allowed me to add a zombie rampage in the background. It worked out well. I mean, if you’re going to be a zombie you should at least have zombie friends.
Second, it was clear I needed to do the eyes really well. They were a pronounced feature of the source image, and they zombied up quite nicely.
The splotchy burn effect on the face was good, but I think I over did it a bit. Oh well.

Fred’s a great guy and is open to requests for whatever your zombifying needs are. Head on over to check out his celeb zombies (from Hillary to Britney) and to find out more.

Zombie Me

This was the second site we came across and provides 2 options. First is a do it yourself option for free (our favourite price) and second is a hand edited option from $9.99 to $49.99. The differences between them can be seen here (standard, express, light and original).
Zombie Me StandardZombie Me ExpressZombie Me LightZombie Me Original

The free option allows users to upload their own image and add zombie effects, such as cuts and gashes. Here’s our effort.

Zombie MeSame plastic surgeon as MJ.

Unfortunately there’s no discolouration options with the free version so despite the wounds ZC Barry still looks remarkably fresh. Check out the site for more examples or watch their promo video below.

Zombie Portraits

The last option we’ve come across doesn’t involve photo manipulation but illustration!

Done by Rob Sacchetto, potential zombies can pay $80 to have an image hand illustrated in a 9″ x 11″ print. The most stylized of all the zombie image services Rob can spend as long as 15 hours doing a single image.

Some great examples can be seen over on the site and Rob explains the whole process of capturing likenesses and bringing out a person’s inner zombie.

As the process is so unique we’ve not managed to get an example of what ZC Barry would like like if he becomes an illustrated zombie but check out the sort of results you can expect.

Zombie Portraits

If you know of any other zombification sites why not leave us a comment and we’ll check it out and give our opinions.

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