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Become a Zombie!

25 May

ZC Barry would like to apologize for any lost sleep due to the following image.

This will haunt your dreams... forever

I think you’ll admit the above picture is pretty damned terrifying, not necessarily because of the zombification but more so the source material. I have no idea what I was originally doing in the picture but regardless you would not want to see that staring back at you during the zombie apocalypse.

So why am I showing you this? Our friend over at Turning Zed recently offered on Twitter the opportunity to become zombified for free and, despite only having the above photo to send across, we took him up on the offer.

Fred runs the site at Turning Zed and is a one man army making these images on his computer.

The Turning Zed site was put together as a fun way for me to spend my time doing something I enjoy. Zombies are just a good time. Whether they’re fast movers or slow, they tend to pop up when you least expect them.

If you’re interested in having Fred turn you or your friends into a zombie why not drop him a line on or follow ZedFred on Twitter.

If you’re brave enough why not check out the full size image below on our Flickr stream.