Save A Zombie Day

14 Jul

Save A Zombie Day in Japan

Unfortunately our Japanese is a bit rusty at ZC HQ and even when it wasn’t mostly comprised of counting to 10 and asking for Bīru so while ‘Save A Zombie Day’ looks like it’s today, it could also be Friday and maybe even next Saturday.

Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune is on TV (online only?) today on Nico Nico Channel 6991 promoting Japanese zombie films which in recent years have not been released domestically in Japan.

Apparently zombies films used to be made regularly in Japan but have recently fallen out of favour for other horror genres resulting in the chance that zombie movies will die out!

Save A Zombie Day on Nico Nico Channel 6991 seem to have put together 4 recent zombie films to watch along with interviews with Keiji Inafune (DEAD RISING producer and Dead Rising Sun director), Thurs Jun Edo (film critic), Grave grinder (writer / illustrator) and will be hosted by Yoshida Hunter Junk (who may or may not be big in Japan).

There also seems to be an event between Capcom and Zombieland distributor (is that seriously not out in Japan yet?) Nikkatsu on the 17th also going under the moniker ‘Brain Freeze: Save the Zombie Day’.

This is an invite-only event held at Shiodome in central Tokyo, and will have a playable version of Dead Rising 2 as well as a Save the Zombie talk show, a zombie fashion show featuring the latest from the Tokyo Zombie Collection, and a showing of the Shibyou Onsen Dead Rising (aka Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun) movie.

As a bonus everybody HAS to be dressed as a zombie. If you don’t you will be made-over on your arrival. All sounds pretty awesome to me.

If you think you can help us work out exactly what’s going on check the Andriasang source link below and the Nico Nico link and let us know.

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