Resident Evil… Monopoly

15 Feb
Resident Evil… Monopoly

If there’s one thing the world was missing it was world peace, uniting the Earth in the common threat of a zombie uprising. If there was another thing the world was missing it was Resident Evil Monopoly.

With the zombocalypse drawing ever closer though one man couldn’t risk waiting for a unified Earth and took matters into his own hands.

4 years in the making, Nicholas “Neptune” Endean, finally saw his endeavors paid off and has a Resident Evil Monopoly that would make and fan proud; boasting such locations as the Raccoon Police Department and Spencer Mansion.

He lays out the whole process over on his site and tells of all the missteps on the way, including printing a 1m x 1m board!

pixel Resident Evil... Monopoly
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  1. Andy Gomez says:

    Where can I buy this game? Resident Evil Monopoly

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