Pro Zombie Soccer – Hands On

7 Jan
Pro Zombie Soccer – Hands On

Pro Zombie Football follows the adventures of skilled youth footballer, Jax, who after a series of comical mishaps winds up with extraordinary soccer powers and a need to neutralize the undead. You control him as he battles his way through zombie hordes with only a football to take them down.

The game is wonderfully presented, even in these demo stages, and incorporates the sort of fantastic 2D visuals that make the iPhone a serious hand held gaming competitor. Characters are designed to incorporate clues as to their strengths and weaknesses and even though you’ll face off against them in their hundreds, enough charm comes through as you slaughter them mercilessly.

The gameplay itself is simple, hold a button, aim and release to launch the football at an approaching zombie. The longer you hold it, the stronger your kick. Each kill fills up your power meter which, when full, allows the player to unleash the power of fast kicks, power kicks, or an orbital laser!

The story progresses at a fair pace and it’s not all just standing in one spot launching ball after ball. Although only 4 levels were available in the demo I suspect SAHDMT have more features, settings and zombies for the final version with extra gameplay modes to add replayability. Overall this has the makings of a must-have iPhone game and will certainly be among the top zombie apps when it comes out.

For more info on the game’s development you can follow them on Twitter or on the official site.

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  2. incondicionalmente enganchado says:

    Sin comentarios. Me tiene enganchado desde la primera partida. Es muy bueno, genial, me engancha la music… Me ha divertido mucho, quiero más niveles, más pantallas…


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