Pontypool Facts

7 Sep
Pontypool Facts
  • PONTYPOOL will have its World Premiere as an Official Selection at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival in September.
  • Producers Jeffrey Coghlan and Ambrose Roche optioned PONTYPOOL from Bruce McDonald just this past February after Coghlan ran into the legendary Director one night at Toronto’s famed Horseshoe Tavern.
  • In Just 3 months, Producers Jeffrey Coghlan and Ambrose Roche, along with Executive Producer Jasper Graham, raised 100% of PONTYPOOL’s production budget via private equity, a rarity for most films.
  • PONTYPOOL is Bruce McDonald’s first psychological-thriller/horror film.
  • PONTYPOOL was written by Tony Burgess and adapted from his novel “Pontypool Changes Everything”.
  • On their first stop to scout locations, Bruce McDonald and the PONTYPOOL production team knew they had discovered the perfect location. The basement of the former Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church in Toronto’s West end, which is soon to be converted into modern lofts, was also recently home to J.J. Abrams TV Pilot “Fringe”.
  • Production Designer Lea Carlson completely transformed the empty basement of the former church into the intimate small town radio station of fictitious 660 CLSY in just under 3 weeks.
  • PONTYPOOL was shot at the former Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church in just 15 days.
  • Director Bruce McDonald shot PONTYPOOL in chronological order.
  • After much consideration, and camera testing, Director Bruce McDonald and Cinematographer Mirolsaw Baszak opted to shoot PONTYPOOL on the new “Red One” HD Camera, making PONTYPOOL the first Canadian feature to be shot in this format. This The Red Cam, designed by Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley Sunglasses, has been the centre of many industry debates that pit the Red Cam and its superior HD quality as the leading technology that will ultimately replace traditional 35mm filmmaking.
  • Bruce McDonald also turned heads and stopped traffic when the film shot its exteriors scenes which all take place during a massive snow storm that were be created just for this film on a humid day in June.
  • Visual Effects for PONTYPOOL are being done by the famed Mr. X special effects house in Toronto. Mr. X’s credits include the upcoming Tom Cruise produced DEATH RACE, MAX PAYNE, RESIDENT EVIL and DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) among several others.
  • Genie Award Winning Actor Stephen McHattie was the first to be cast in PONTYPOOL as controversial shock-jock “Grant Mazzy”.
  • American-born Lisa Houle was cast shortly after Stephen McHattie in the role of Grant’s morning-show Producer “Sydney Briar”.
  • After an extensive search that had producers sifting through thousands of submissions from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. Discovery Georgina Reilly was cast as “Laurel Ann Drummond”, the radio station’s know-it-all technician,
  • The casting of “Laurel Ann Drummond” was such a major task that Director Bruce McDonald made the final decision to cast Georgina Reilly and call her with the good news just 3 days before production began.
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