Pixel Zombies Are Taking Over Your Android Device

27 May
Pixel Zombies Are Taking Over Your Android Device

Being a huge fan of zombies and mobile devices, I lit up when I heard about this: the Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper for my Android phone. I run the Android OS on my iPhone, so I haven’t been able to add this Live Wallpaper to my phone yet but I have played around with it on my brother’s phone and it has some nifty little features.

The red dots on the screen represent zombies; blue represents zombie hunters like Tallahassee from Zombieland and the green ones represent the unprotected people walking about that will soon make a nice snack for a zombie or two. Not only can you monitor the dots and see who comes out alive, but by adding a new icon to the screen, it acts like a bomb and wipes out everything on your screen.

You can download the wallpaper for $0.99 from the Android Market and even if you’re thinking: “Why would I ever pay for wallpaper on my phone?” you surely won’t be disappointed or find this one to be a waste of money.

The only thing left to do is wait for George Romero to have an Android version of his iPhone application released, then even your phone will be a valuable zombie-fighting tool. Hopefully we’ll still have 3G or Wi-Fi access during the zombocalypse and a wallpaper that shows real-time zombie to human and hunter ratios.

Pixel Zombies screenshotPixel Zombies screenshotPixel Zombies screenshotPixel Zombies screenshot

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  1. Andrew Tran! says:

    As a owner of an Anddroid phone i will surely buy this!

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