Opening Night Of The Living Dead – Edinburgh Fringe

25 Aug

While I’m not sure this trailer does it justice Opening Night of the Living Dead has been showing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival in what could be the most zombie filled Festival ever.

Lydia’s role in Romeo and Juliet is the perfect chance to convince an agent she’s worth putting on his books. If only her co-star, Laurence, would stick to the script rather than obsessing over his character. The only support she gets is from the director, Hector, who is doing everything he can backstage to hold together a lousy show.

Meanwhile Joe is admiring Lydia from the tech box; but the two could never be star cross’d lovers. Techies and actors are from two completely different families. If only Joe had a good opportunity to talk to her…

Like a zombie invasion! The cast of Montagues and Capulets might be eating each other’s brains but can something as silly as a rising of the undead get in the way of true love? After all the show must go on…

Find out more about the production at the official site.

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