Gavin Castleton’s ‘Home’ Based on Zombie Film

23 May

Gavin Castleton HomeFor those of you unfamiliar with Gavin Castleton (which would be me until about an hour ago) and thinking that it would be totally awesome to theme your home decor around your favourite zombie movie (Dawn of the Dead – original, thanks for asking) then prepare to be disappointed.

Gavin Castleton is a musician whose new album is entitled ‘Home’.

Having been around for about 15 years now he recently released his 10th solo album, focusing on a difficult two year break-up, based against a fictional zombie movie background.

His previous albums included such mind blowing lyrics as “So I sang an Usher song, but I got the words all wrong”. Good, because if you knew all the words to an Usher song I wouldn’t be writing about you.

Home is filled with melancholy riffs but for an artist whose work has included an undecided version of Nothing Compares 2 U and been involved with the sort of rapping that isn’t going to be getting Fiddy worried about losing his crown, the new works reflect a decidely more mature Gavin.

To be honest we’re not entirely sure we follow the zombie theme through the album but some of the art work is really well done and we’re all about promoting zombie awareness throughout all media types.

Why not check out his Myspace page for some musical samples or his official blog for an insight into the creative process.

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